Q Mixers portfolio expansion never loses sight of its core beliefs

Q Mixers Spicy Mango Margarita
Q Mixers Spicy Mango Margarita / Q Mixers

When a person pours a premium spirit, the other ingredients in the glass need to complement that liquor. Q Mixers has never sacrificed on flavor. Everything that goes in the can or the bottle is there for a reason. As CEO Bob Arnold drives the beverage brand forward, product innovation never loses site of that core concept.

To say that Q Mixers has a robust line might be an understatement. Many people might have been first exposed to the brand with their tonics. That first taste of a clean, crisp, perfectly carbonated tonic with a balanced, botanical gin is sublime. Whether it is the classic tonic or the floral elderflower version, the mixer helps to enhance the subtleties in the spirit.

While the classic tonics are always front of mind, Q Mixers has never sat on its successes. The brand has found creative and thoughtful ways to add options to its line. Still, the core concepts are woven into everything it does.

During a recent conversation with CEO Bob Arnold, he mentioned that Q Mixers is committed to expanding its award-winning, non-carbonated portfolio. After the success of Blood Mary and margaritas, the company researched food and beverage trends.

Bob Arnold, CEO Q Mixers
Bob Arnold, CEO Q Mixers / Q Mixers

Arnold explained, “consumers are enamored with real ingredients.” That concept is one that Q Mixers has always stood behind. No matter how the brand expanded its line, it would fit with consumers’ preferences.

When the company looked to add innovation to its portfolio, Arnold said that the margarita platform had tremendous popularity. With the mango flavor available, it was ripe for transformation. Spicy Mango Margarita was created.

During consumer testing, Arnold said that consumers wanted more fruit flavor and more spice. Additionally, the brand received input from mixologist partners to see how the professional would use this mixer. The final product is bold, refreshing, and yet approachable.

Since Q Mixers is dedicated to creating the best tasting, most versatile product, the new Spicy Mango Margarita needed to not only stand up on its own but pair well as a mixer. As Arnold explained, this flavor works well with a blanco tequila, a reposado tequila or even just with a club soda for a non-alcoholic option.

Arnold made a very interesting point about mixers. He said, “the barrier to purchase on spirits is because people may not know how to use them or mix them. We take pride in the amount of different platforms that we have.”

For example, the can might say spicy mango margarita, but the mixer is delicious as a base for a bellini. Or, it can be used as an ingredient in a mai tai. Basically, for the person who enjoys the flavor, almost any spirit can be used with it. Whether it is the professional mixologist looking to develop a new cocktail or the home bartender who wants to experiment, there are no shortage of options to pour into the glass.

Additionally, the premium mixer offers a consistent product every time that it is poured. Arnold believes that quality aligns with the brand's core concept. Whether it is the first round of the night or the final toast of an epic adventure, that same taste is enjoyed time and again. Consistency is key in delivering a quality, versatile, premium product.

As Arnold explained, a great mixer only highlights a great spirit. It is the basis of that the brand was founded. Other brands add a heaping amount of sugar which masks the nuances of the liquor. It ruins the drinking experience and limits how that mixer can be used. It can sometimes be the reason why a half empty bottle is poured down the drain.

While that versatility ensures that no can or bottle is wasted, it is the key factor why Q Mixers is and will continue to be successful. In addition, the beverage brand appreciates that how it chooses to bottle its mixers is vital. Smaller sized cans give the drinker the best possible product every time. After all, there is nothing worse than a stale or flat mixer to ruin a great spirit.

Arnold admitted that some drinkers are accustomed to large size, glass bottles for mixers. While those items might be convenience for large scale events, it might not always be practice. Since Q Mixers are high quality and shelf stable, all they need is a good shake and everything is ready.

With the success of the Spicy Mango Margarita launch, Q Mixers seems set to continue to grow the line. Whether it is offering another flavor based on current food trends or potentially offering a variety pack that would be perfect for entertaining, the possibilities are many.

For now, there are plenty of reasons to have a Spicy Mango Margarita, a Hibiscus Ginger Beer, or a classic tonic sitting behind the bar waiting to be used. Whether it is a classic cocktail or a creative new spin, a premium mixer will always make that favorite spirited even more exceptionally tasty.

Q Mixers can be found at a variety of retailers. Check with the brand’s website for more information.