Give raw oysters a Southern twist with this mignonette recipe

A platter of raw oysters at the Atlas Oyster House in Pensacola on Thursday, Feb. 15, 2024.
A platter of raw oysters at the Atlas Oyster House in Pensacola on Thursday, Feb. 15, 2024. / Gregg Pachkowski / / USA

Plump, juicy oysters are often paired with a tangy mignonette. While that acidic drizzle can contrast the sweetness or the salinity from the fresh mollusk, the classic recipe can sometimes become a little commonplace. This green tomato mignonette recipe offers a taste of the South and it might become the new trend for the classic raw dish.

For some people, eating a plate of raw oysters by the water is the perfect way to spend a summer day. Once a working man’s food, oysters have become more of a delicacy. With so many ways to enjoy them, it can be a buffet of that briny delight.

While some people prefer a touch of horseradish and a dollop of cocktail sauce, others prefer the vinegar forward flavor of a mignonette. For the person who prefers to amplify that classic pairing, this Green Tomato Mignonette recipe is a great choice to pair with Lowcountry Oyster Company's offerings.

Here’s how to make Green Tomato Mignonette recipe


1.5 oz Fresh Lime Juice, fresh lime zest

1.5 oz Green Tomato Jalapeno Juice

1.0 oz Green Tomato Vinegar*

1.0 oz Green Tomato Agrodolce**

¼ tsp finely chopped shallots

¼ tsp finely chopped jalapeno

*Green Tomato Vinegar: 8 oz white wine vinegar, 1 chopped green tomato blended until smooth and fine strained.

**Green Tomato Agrodolce: 4 oz jalapeno infused or hot honey, 3 oz green tomato vinegar, brought to a light boil, reduced to a light simmer 10 minutes


Combine all ingredients in a bowl and allow to sit for 30 minutes to an hour before spooning on to oysters. Over the next day, the mignonette will oxidize and become more tart, making it a wonderful salad dressing, marinade or ceviche base!

While this oyster pairing could reinvigorate people’s love of oysters, there is another option that has heads turning. Even though some people love oysters and sake, another cocktail pairing could be the must try for summer.

Oyster shooters are often a favorite choice. Usually a take on a Bloody Mary, some people might prefer a different flavor, or even spirit.

Created by Vince Lendacki for Charleston's iconic Bowen's Island Restaurant, the Tom’ Fool is an oyster shoot and margarita combination. Here’s how to make the Green Tomato Margarita.

Green Tomato Margarita


1.5 oz Tequila Blanco

1.0 oz Green Tomato Jalapeno Juice*

1.0 oz Simple Syrup

.75 oz Fresh Lime Juice

*Green Tomato Jalapeno Juice: 1 green tomato, ½ jalapeno (1/2 deseeded) and 1 oz fresh lime juice blended and fine strained.


Shake all ingredients together with ice and strain into 5 shot glasses or one margarita glass over ice.

This food and beverage combination works because it plays into the contrasting flavors. Highlighting the sweetness of the oysters with the acidic notes of the tomato makes a lovely balance. It is refreshing, light, and quite refreshing.

Ready to bring a new flavor to that oyster plate? It is time to bring a taste of the South to the table and discover the briny delightful flavor.