Reynolds Wrap BBQterie Kit makes it easy to tame the grilling flame

Reynolds Wrap BBQterie Kit
Reynolds Wrap BBQterie Kit / Reynolds Wrap

Many people hope to be the ultimate grill master, but the occasional flare up can make it seem quite precarious. With the Reynolds Wrap BBQterie Kit, everyone can serve the ultimate summer spread.

Certain food tends to be associated with a season. After enduring the snowy nights and chilly mornings, everyone is ready to ditch the winter wear for lighter fare and outside entertaining. Usually, the grill is the focal point of those gatherings.

While the grill is the only cooking method that imparts flavor into food, cooking over an open flame is more intimidating that cooking in that air fryer. Appreciating heat zones, indirect cooking, and the occasional flare up can have some people putting down the tongs and calling for takeout.

Reynolds Wrap has partnered with ButcherBox to simplify the whole process. From cooking to plating, this special offering will have anyone earning praise as master of the grill.

Speaking to this special offering, Sumita Ghosh, marketing director for Reynolds Foil & Bakeware said, “Reynolds Wrap believes that you don't have to be a chef to grill like one. Our Heavy Duty Foil is the ultimate versatile culinary tool, and our newest collaboration with ButcherBox makes grilling even easier. We are thrilled to launch the very first BBQterie Kit, a new and fun way to enjoy delicious food at summer gatherings."

Included in the special kit are the following: Reynolds Wrap Heavy Duty Foil, High-quality meat ingredients, mouthwatering recipes from Ben McGraw, and BBQterie boards from Emmy Rener.

While this kit helps to walk grillers through the steps, the process is about gaining cooking confidence. By taking away the barrier to entry, the novice griller, and even the one who has cooked more frequently, can learn to apply some cooking techniques, hacks, and other ideas to make the grill seem less intimidating.

Truthfully, Reynolds Wrap Heavy Duty Foil is a must item for any griller. For example, place vegetables on the Reynolds Wrap foil, create a little pouch, and perfectly tender vegetables will be ready when those steaks or burgers are done.

Many people who use a Big Green Egg appreciate that wrapping that brisket or ribs at the end of the smoke can keep the food from absorbing too much of the bitter flavor that is associated with over smoking. Additionally, adding a splash of beer or other liquid to the foil wrap ensures that the meat remains moist.

Also, Reynolds Wrap foil is an easy way to keep grilled food warm. Simply wrapping those hot dogs or sausages in foil ensures that the last one grabbed is just as good as the first one.  

The special Reynold’s Wrap BBQterie Kit is available via ButcherBox now. It retails for $119 and is available while supplies last.