Ritz Buttery-er Crackers goes all in with its bougie buttery flavor

Ritz Buttery-er Crackers gold butter stick giveaway
Ritz Buttery-er Crackers gold butter stick giveaway / Ritz

Many people love a classic Ritz cracker. With the new Ritz Buttery-er Crackers, that rich, indulgent flavor is front and center and it feels like a taste fit for the rich life. For one person, the ultimate golden gift could be theirs.

While only a few people might remember the phrase champagne wishes and caviar dreams, others might appreciate that idea of living the good life. No one needs to be a tortured poet or wallow in the bohemian lifestyle. In a world where over the top, dramatic, and lavish are goals, the food choices should compliment that feeling.

The new Ritz Buttery-er Crackers boost that rich, buttery flavor on overdrive. This specialty flavor highlights what the classic cracker is known for, its buttery taste. Now, it is even more apparent.

As Mayte Killeen, RITZ Senior Brand Manager said, The RITZ brand has become synonymous with golden buttery flavor.” It is one of the reasons why the classic cracker is so versatile. From being eaten simply on its own or topped with cheese, spreads, or whatever people can imagine, the food is a staple in many households. Even Top Chef made it a focus of a Quickfire Challenge one season.

Thinking about this enhanced buttery flavor, it seems to be a different take on a food trend. For the people who want full, robust tastes, this cracker delivers. It might be a touch extravagant, but it is the craveable bite that everyone wants.

To celebrate the launch of the new Ritz Buttery-er Crackers, the brand is giving the new food the golden treatment. Partnering with renowned jewelry designer Greg Yüna one person will be lucky enough to receive a 24-karat solid gold bar in the shape of a stick of butter. Just one word of warning, this stick should not be melted or cut in any way.

As Killeen commented, “With the new limited-edition Buttery-er Crackers we’re taking it to the next level for our buttery-flavor loving fans by offering one lucky winner the ultimate prize of a 24-karat gold bar in the shape of a traditional stick of butter, all in homage to the extra buttery flavor they know and love.”

This special giveaway is all about the extra. Even though it might be a little much to have a stick of butter made out of gold, the reality is that fun promotions make people take notice about a new food product. When there is a buzz, panache, or commotion about a new food people want to be part of the conversation. Few people would be able to have a gold butter stick, but everyone can open a box of these new Ritz crackers.

The new, limited edition Ritz Buttery-er Crackers will be available starting April 29, 2024 at nationwide retailers. Check with stores for availability and pricing. More information on the golden butter stick giveaway can be found on TikTok and Instagram.