New RITZ Toasted Chips flavors bring the spicy and sweet

RITZ Toasted Chips honey bbq
RITZ Toasted Chips honey bbq / photo by Cristine Struble

From eating handful to a vehicle for dip, the new RITZ Toasted Chips flavors are poised to become a new favorite snack. The new food offering will definitely score with fans.

While Cheeseheads might surround that King of Clubs cheese with the classic, round RITZ crackers, the iconic food brand understands that flavor and snacking innovation keeps people opening the bag. When RITZ launched the Toasted Chips, the crunchier, crisper texture changed the conversation. Instead of the cracker being the vehicle for other food, now it was the snack itself.

Jumping on the swicy flavor trend, the two new RITZ Toasted Chips flavors are Sweet Habanero and Honey BBQ. While some people will prefer one option over another, both flavors are equally as enjoyable.

The Sweet Habanero builds to the spice. At first blush, it seems approachable, not too over the top. After a moment, the heat rises around the mouth and the flush builds in the cheeks. The tingle on the lips is a reminder that this chip will not fade into the background.

With this flavor, it would make a great pairing with some dip. From a simple ranch to even a cheesy option, the creamy dip could temper the lingering spice. It adds another dimension to the snacking experience.

The RITZ Toasted Chips Honey BBQ flavor is a classic interpretation. The sweetness is not just a sugary note. It is the combination of a hint of smoke, a touch of tomato, and a nuance of saltiness that makes this flavor poppable. It is easy to eat handful after handful till the bag is empty.

Although this RITZ offering is intended to be a snack, these flavors would make a great burger topping. Since there is a slight buttery note to the spice and sweet, it would add balance to a hearty burger, in addition to another layer of texture. The Sweet Habanero with a cumin spiced burger could be quite tasty.

On the other hand, the Honey BBQ would be great on a grilled chicken sandwich. Instead of worrying about sauce making a bun soggy or dripping on your shirt, the Toasted Chips bring that flavor to the bite. Some might even consider pulverizing the chips to make a breading for the chicken, too.

How is RITZ celebrating the new Toasted Chips flavors?

To kick off the new food offering, RITZ is back at March Madness for 2024. While many people will be focused on those brackets, food is always part of the conversation.

As Alex Neufeld, RITZ Senior Associate Brand Manager said, These flavors will spice up your game-watching experience whether you're viewing the game at home or a friend's, casually snacking while checking your tournament brackets online, or even celebrating with us at Fan Fest in Phoenix, Arizona.”

While fans on site will get to sample the new RITZ flavors, everyone can purchase a bag at their favorite retailer. Check with stores for availability and pricing.