Rob Lowe shares how he keeps balanced eating fresh and exciting, interview

Rob Lowe for Atkins
Rob Lowe for Atkins / Atkins

While he might be turning 60 this year, Rob Lowe looks like he has sipped from the fountain of youth. His robust career in film and television has seen him in many iconic roles. From people rediscovering an iconic West Wing moment to his Netflix series Unstable, Lowe seems to be constantly honing his craft. Luckily, his commitment to balanced eating keeps him energized for that busy lifestyle.  

Even though Lowe is a legend, his commitment to healthy eating and a balanced lifestyle is just like everyone. Having a supportive community and flavorful food choices keep him from straying too far into any potential temptations.  

For multiple decades, Lowe has been an Atkins follower. Over the years, he has been the face of the brand. From enjoying those peanut butter cups to sharing new ways to incorporate the lifestyle concept into his eating habits, Lowe’s authenticity is real because he lives the suggestions that he shares.  

During a recent conversation with Rob Lowe, he was candid about the willpower to stick to a balanced eating lifestyle, the importance of having gratitude in his life, and if he ever plans to slow down a little.

When asked about his continued partnership with Atkins, Lowe shared, “the reason that I love this partnership so much is because it is truly organic. I can legitimately say that when I first saw the array of products they make, I thought that it cannot be good for you because it tastes so good. Unlike other healthy eating items, Atkins figured out how to make that chocolate peanut butter taste like I want it to taste. I really love their stuff.”  

While that empathic endorsement is reason enough for many people to purchase a box to try, the whole Atkins concept needs to be more than just a food swap. It is a lifestyle choice. Even though people might be resolved to kick off the new year with radical changes, continuing those modifications cannot be filled with empty promises.  

Lowe believes, “there are ways to not break the intention.” Finding products that hit the sweet craving without being a heaping amount of sugar is key. Whether it is Lowe’s choice of enjoying one of those peanut butter bars that he keeps stocked in the freezer or snacking on some of the chocolate candies, it is recognizing that the conscious decision to indulge does not have to totally derail the process.  

In addition to having a pantry well-stocked with Atkins food choices, Lowe appreciates that having a strong relationship with loved ones is vital. When he speaks about his wife, the connection is clear. His willingness to put pen to paper and celebrate what she means to him is a testament to their long-lasting connection. It is another example how a full life makes it easier to stay on track.  

Still, turning 60 is a momentous occasion. When asked how he is approaching the milestone, Lowe mentioned he is taking more of a gratitude journey. He said, “I’ve been grinding since I was 13. While I have had unbelievable great fortune, it has been a lot of work. There is more that I am curious about and want to learn. It is not in my nature to step back. Still, the legacies of my life, my boys and my relationship with my wife, are all things that I am grateful for.”  

Even though Lowe might consider taking some time to stroll the beach with his wife and dogs, it does not seem like that well-deserved break is coming in the near future. Lowe is excited for the next chapter in his multi-faceted career. Given that his wife has the same hardworking ethic as him, the pair are branching out into other business endeavors. It is another example how his quest to learn and explore is more fulfilling when pursued with family.  

But, Lowe is not leaving acting behind. With a new season of Netflix’s Unstable on the horizon, working with his son brings him much joy. Lowe describes this project as a “full circle moment.” He believes that there is value in being able to mentor his son through the ups and downs of the industry.  

More importantly, Lowe believes that “the industry will be in good hands with people who are as dedicated and passionate as my son and his peers. They have the vision and it is really impressive.”  

Whether it is desire to continually explore and learn or fueling his balanced lifestyle with flavorful food choices, like Atkins, Rob Lowe is ready to take on this next adventure. Lowe decided to take the fork down the road of eating well. It might be the path that others can find equally as satisfying and helpful to fuel a journey-full life.