Rob Riggle takes the lead on Miller Lite’s 2024 Big Game campaign, interview

During the Big Game, a 30 second ad can disappear in a blink. This year Miller Lite’s 2024 Big Game campaign will not be gone in a flash. Rob Riggle and 1,000 others will be racing to the front of the pack with his fan drive concept.
Rob Riggle for Miller Lite Running of the Beer Ads
Rob Riggle for Miller Lite Running of the Beer Ads / Miller Lite

Miller Time has long been an opportunity to gather with friends. Since the Big Game is a time when friends, family, and even strangers raise a glass to great competition, fun rivalries, and even some spirited conversation. This year, Rob Riggle has joined forces with Miller Lite to run towards a fan-driven advertising campaign. Ready to scan your way to victory?  

Making a memorable advertisement ensures that people remember those few seconds long after the image fades from the screen. It is talked about at work, replicated on social media, and played year after year as a sign of success.  

This year, Miller Lite is taking a different approach. It is not the running of the bulls but it is the running of the beers. Ready to make your mark?  

According to Miller Lite, 1,000 eligible fans will get $100 and a special Miller Game Time Jersey to become their own live advertisement. Described as “Running of the Beer Ads,” this idea is about getting people to interact, not just stare at a screen.  

As Michelle Nagel, senior marketing manager for Miller Lite said, “They'll wear the Miller Game Time Jersey as they go for a beer run, maybe to get a Miller Lite for themselves or their friends during the big game commercial breaks, making them a literal running beer ad.”  

How is Rob Riggle helping with Running of the Beer Ads?  

To kick off the Running of the Beer Ads, Miller Lite partnered with Rob Riggle to announce the campaign. Ahead of the launch, Riggle spoke with FoodSided about this partnership, his predictions for the big game, and his revitalized podcast.  

Check out the Miller Lite and Rob Riggle Running of the Beer Ads campaign.  

When asked about his Miller Lite collaboration, Riggle shared, “I love Miller Lite and always have. It was an easy decision to get involved. Also, I thought that the campaign was fun and unique that has not been done before.” 

In some ways, this campaign is a new take on the classic Miller Time concept. Riggle believes, “I think that we all need a little more coming together on some things. Everyone can find some common ground on a really good beer.”  

As seen in the Miller Lite promotion video, Riggle has a very unique, personal look to his Miller Lite support. Although, he might have initially questioned the idea of having that jersey painted on himself. It is a far different look from his training runs in the Marines.  

Luckily for the Kansas City Chiefs fan, Riggle will be able to see his favorite team play in the Big Game. Even though the Chiefs fanbase might have seen a spike from a new demographic, Riggle believes that NFL fans come from all different areas. They always have and always will. Specifically, he said, “more fans coming to the games makes for a bigger party and more enjoyment.” Men, women, young and old can make the whole experience even more exciting.  

Riggle would prefer to enjoy some Kansas City barbecue with that Miller Lite. It is a food and beverage combination that is always a win. And, Riggle believes that if you mistakenly spill on that lucky jersey, do not wash it. Wear that spill with pride.  

Recently, Riggle revitalized his podcast to a more interview centric format. Speaking to why these conversations are so enjoyable, Riggle said, “a lot of the people I’ve interviewed, I know personally. That relationship with them allows me to drill down a little. I think that if you’re genuinely curious about their journey and ask questions, people will learn something. It is fun, enjoyable, and hopefully people take something away from the conversation.”  

While Rob Riggle will be cheering for a Kansas City Chiefs victory during the Big Game, everyone can run towards a victory with the Miller Lite Running of the Ads. It might be the new turn for advertising campaigns that everyone is ready to get behind.