These romantic cheese pairings will make your heart melt

Romantic cheese pairings
Romantic cheese pairings / Wisconsin Cheese/ColorMe Wendy Photography

While the lighting can heighten the mood, the food can set the tone for a connection long after the plates are cleared. Romantic cheese pairings can be the sweet, spicy, and savory way to that special someone’s heart. From a sweet ending to an indulgent meal to the opening course to an extravagant feast, Wisconsin Cheese is ready to make your heart melt.  

From Valentine’s Day to just a romantic meal with that special someone, food can be more than just a flavorful bite that satisfies. It might not be a scene from Lady and the Tramp, but it is more than just scarfing down food to curb a hunger. The eyes linger, the laughter grows, the cheeks get a little flushed, and the heart goes aflutter. Wisconsin Cheese has an offering that pairs with all those emotional connections.  

Sometimes a little heat can awaken the night’s festivities. A spicy cheese can awaken the taste buds. The Mango Fire Cheddar from Henning’s Cheese is a great option. While it definitely brings the heat, the slight tropical, sweet note entices with a welcome introduction. Then, the bold heat makes the whole mouth tingle. More importantly, it has everyone looking forward to the next bite.  

For a more traditional wine and cheese option, the Sartori Merlot BellaVitano is a lovely choice. Whether served with a merlot or another preferred wine, the deep vermillion hue is an attention grabber on the plate. More importantly, it is a cheese that will start a long-lasting love affair with its flavor. From simple, cozy nights to celebratory meals, this wine soaked cheese is always the right choice.  

When a little creativity and effort can show that special someone that they have your heart, why not transform some Crave Brothers mozzarella hearts into a luscious eating experience. While many people skewer that cheese with some cherry tomatoes, consider a sweeter twist. Mozzarella and strawberry are a lovely pairing. Served with a little sparkling wine, the taste and color will have that special someone tickled pink.  

Continuing the sweet conversation, the Crave Brothers Chocolate Mascarpone can be the perfect ending to any meal. While some people would happily eat this cheese by the spoonful, it can be a new twist on a sophisticated cookie sandwich.  

For example, spreading a layer of that luscious chocolate mascarpone in between two spice sandwich cookies and rolling the edge in shaved chocolate is divine. Whether served with a glass of bourbon, port, or even a coffee, it will seal the deal on that romantic connection.  

Lastly, if a little coffee note is preferred to keep the evening going a little longer, the Cello Mayan Cocoa Coffee Fontal brings together coffee and cocoa in an enticing way. It feels a little indulgent, but it is hard to resist. Maybe consider adding a little piece as a garnish to that espresso martini.  

Whether the celebration is huge, subtle, or just a way to reconnect with that special someone, the cheese plate can offer that spark. Bold flavors, sweet sentiments, and a love affair of a lifetime might be the greatest gift. Ready to make that heart melt one bite at a time?