SeaWorld turns 60: An evolution of entertainment and education

Seaworld marine park, Orlando Florida, USA...
Seaworld marine park, Orlando Florida, USA... / John Greim/GettyImages

March 21 marks the 60th year since SeaWorld opened its San Diego location. Over those six decades, the theme park company has blended entertainment and education to the delight of guests. As the company looks ahead to the next 60 years, the thrills, both man-made and natural, bring people back time and again.

While each SeaWorld park stands on its own, the Orlando location has seen many changes over its history. Although some people might fondly remember the first time they journeyed through the tunnel with sharks and other sea creatures surrounding them, today’s experiences are even more exhilarating.

Without overlooking the company’s commitment to wildlife education and conservation, the Orlando theme park has focused on the guest experience through its rides. With more roller coasters than other theme parks, the high adrenaline drops are balanced with the family inclusive choices.

With the new Penguin Trek set to open this Spring, it is a smart example how SeaWorld blends its connection to wildlife with the ride experience. It is more than just a theme and a name. Given that the ride ends in a penguin encounter, it takes the immersive experience in a new direction. While SeaWorld has incorporated themes via aquariums in the Manta queue, this idea is even bigger.

In addition, SeaWorld appreciates that food and beverages are equally as important to the overall guest experience. From its current Seven Seas Food Festival to its free beer offerings throughout the year, those flavors help to create memorable moments. As guests gather around the table, all the memories from watching the dolphins jump to feeling their stomach drop on Pipeline fuel their desire to do it all again.

As part of the SeaWorld 60 celebration, the Orlando based theme park will celebrate by rolling back ticket prices to just $60. Given that it can be pricey for a family to enjoy a fun filled day, that special pricing is a huge budget saver. In addition, local residents can get discounts on fun passes and annual passes.

Throughout the SeaWorld 60 celebration, guests will have various opportunities to enjoy the fun. From cakes to special interactive exhibits, there is plenty to see and do at SeaWorld Orlando.