Shaun White turns to CVS Well Market brand to fuel his busy lifestyle, interview

Shaun White, former professional snowboarder, enjoys his favorite Well Market snacks, now on shelves at CVS Pharmacy stores nationwide and on Photo Credit: Steven Piper
Shaun White, former professional snowboarder, enjoys his favorite Well Market snacks, now on shelves at CVS Pharmacy stores nationwide and on Photo Credit: Steven Piper / Steven Piper/CVS Well Market

After spending decades traveling the world for competitions, Shaun White appreciates a delicious, portable, and nutritious snack. From long training runs on a mountain to a memorable road trip, White understands that food is fuel. Also, it should be flavorful. The new CVS Well Market brand is ready to disrupt the private label food category with innovative products what have a wide appeal for consumers seeking options that fit their lifestyle.

The food world can sometimes be confusing. While everyone must eat to sustain their lifestyle, choosing what to put in your mouth is never simple.

Specifically with snacks, the message can be confusing. Nutritionally balanced food can be flavor forward, delicious, and craveable. Eating should not be a chore. It needs to be an enjoyable experience.

With CVS Well Market, CVS Health wants to give consumers options for their lifestyle choices and wellness goals. While the snacks fit into particular categories, they never lose sight of the true goal, offering a product that focuses on flavor, satisfies a craving, and avoids negative connotations about food.

Recently, Shaun White helped CVS kick off its new brand, Well Market. During the special launch event, I had an opportunity to chat with White about this partnership, his snack preferences, and some of his favorite choices from the Well Market line.

Before we dove into his favorite snacks from the Well Market line, White recalled how CVS has always been one of his go-to stores. From his mom shopping at the store to his current opinion that CVS is his “one stop shop for like all my travel,” the brand has been a staple in his busy life.

While CVS offers that convenience, White appreciates that Well Market takes a different approach to good for your food. As he said, “nowadays, it is funny because when you eat something healthy, or drink those wellness shots, those things can taste horrible. So, you think that it might be good for me. It has almost become the norm.”

Well Market is looking to change that perception. Good for you can taste good. White agrees. He appreciates the trail mix, sprouted almonds, and other conveniently packaged options that bring enjoyable flavors to snack time.

Specifically, White mentioned that he likes the global flavors in the line. Given his years of traveling the globe, he learned to enjoy to all the different cuisines, flavors, and ingredients. The Asian inspired flavors in the Well Market line remind him of all his years in Japan where he was chasing the best snow for the ultimate run.

While he appreciates the globally inspired offerings, White admitted that he often gravitates toward sweeter options like the Caramel Salted Trail Mix Bites. He said, “it is one of my favorite things because of its sweet profile because at night I have a sweet tooth, and it’s like a dessert.”

In addition to the flavors available in the Well Market line, White appreciates the portability. Although he might not be actively competing these days, he still understands the principle that food is fuel. “Even as a retired athlete you have to fuel to keep going.”

White mentioned that he used to snack often during his training because he could not have big, heavy meals during runs. But, there were only so many options. “I got really into trail mixes because there are not too many snacks that just do not turn into complete crumbs in your pocket after two rounds.”

Shaun White CVS Well Market
Shaun White, former professional snowboarder, partners with CVS Pharmacy® to introduce Well Market, a crave-worthy new snack brand. Photo Credit: Steven Piper / Steven Piper for CVS

One of the snacks in the Well Market line, the sprouted almonds, received high praise from White. Since the flavor is in the almond versus on it, he said that these nuts would be perfect for those training days. No one would have to worry about messy hands. This offering is a great example of how the CVS team thoughtfully balanced flavor, portability, and overall eating enjoyment.

White might not be traveling from competition to competition, but he still has his sense of adventure and his love of sports. In addition to cheering on Team USA in the upcoming Paris Olympics, he will be hosting a summer camp for kids. The special event will bring together athletes and aspiring athletes to develop a love of snowboarding.

The CVS Well Market line is available at CVS Pharmacy locations. Prices range from $2.99-$9.99 and come with a money back guarantee.