Shipley Do-Nuts adds new breakfast kolaches to guests’ delight

Shipley Do-Nuts new breakfast kolaches
Shipley Do-Nuts new breakfast kolaches / Shipley Do-Nuts

While there is always room for another donut, Shipley Do-Nuts expands its breakfast menu with a protein packed option. Three new breakfast kolaches join the menu and guests could not be happier.

The old phrase about breakfast being the most important meal of the day might be cliché. A protein packed meal is not only energizing, but it satieties the appetite all morning long.

Although many people enjoy breakfast sandwiches and breakfast burritos, kolaches are different. The Czech pastry might be difficult to pronounce, but it offers a delicious flavor.

For those people unfamiliar with kolaches, a yeast pastry is filled with various ingredients. Some can be spicy with pieces of jalapeno. Others are hearty with sausage. Basically, that light, airy pastry can hold various, flavorful ingredients.

Shipley Do-Nuts has had kolaches on the menu for 25 years. While they might not get the photo glow-up like some of the brand’s limited-edition donuts, but their popularity has grown over the years. As consumers continue to crave protein-forward breakfast options, the restaurant brand decided to expand the flavor options.

As Shipley Do-Nuts CEO Flynn Dekker said, “Breakfast has always been a strong suit for us, and with Gen Z, demand is only growing. Our new kolaches check a lot of boxes for them — they are hot, protein-filled, affordable and easy to eat on the go. Our new Egg & Cheese kolaches have tested off the charts with consumers. We soft-launched the new products in June at select stores, and sales have been more than 10 times our expectations. We’re already working on what we can do with our kolaches next as new consumers discover them.”

The three new kolaches flavors, Egg and Cheese, Egg, Cheese, and Sausage, and Egg, Cheese, Sausage and Jalapeno, are available now. These flavors will be available until September 30, while supplies last.

As the food offerings show, the three new options are protein forward. More importantly, the three options ensure that every flavor preference is covered. From simple to spicy, every craving can be satisfied.

By expanding the kolaches menu, Shipley Do-Nuts found a way to embrace food trends while still staying true to its unique brand. The Houston based brand is using a food that is celebrated in Texas and making it more widely available across the country. Anyone put eggs on a bagel or croissant. Creating that perfectly light, airy yeast dough with the right amount of filling shows the brand’s attention to craft. It is one of the reasons why Shipley Do-Nuts continues to grow a loyal customer base.

Hungry for breakfast? Head to Shipley Do-Nuts for some kolaches. And, do not forget to get a donut, too.