Simply and Estelle Colored Glass toast to crafted refinement enjoyed with every sip

Simply and Estelle Colored Glass collaboration
Simply and Estelle Colored Glass collaboration / Simply

Sometimes food and beverages are grabbed at a hurried pace and devoured without a thought. While that busy lifestyle might be warranted, there are times where pausing, stopping, or just waiting can be the moment of intentionality that revitalizes the day. With the Simply and Estelle Colored Glass collaboration, the refined elegance of sipping orange juice from beautiful stemware quenches a thirst for both the body and the soul.

Orange juice is one of those beverages that does not need a lot of extras. While there can be moments where it pairs with another citrus or gets some effervescence from a sparkling wine, the reality is that the sweet, bright juice does not need a lot of extras to make it shine.

With Simply, the beverage brand has focused on what is important in an orange juice. The 100% pure squeezed, pasteurized orange juice, never from concentrate brings the juicy, bright flavor. To create that enjoyable beverage drinking experience, it appreciates that quality comes from choosing to think differently.

As part of a special collaboration, Simply reached out to Estelle Colored Glass to offer a curated collection that has people looking different at how they drink orange juice. Instead of the grab and gulp moment, it is time to pour, sit, and savor that juicy beverage from an impeccably refined vessel.

Ahead of the partnership reveal, FoodSided spoke with Stephanie Summerson Hall of Estelle Colored Glass. While the successful businesswoman has the acumen to see success in a colored world, her concept is rooted in family memories. Her grandmother's lovingly curated glass collection sparkling on the shelf inspired her to give others that visual in their own space.

While some people might only break out the special glasses for a holiday, others prefer for those vessels to be in constant rotation. As Stephanie suggested, “it is really about making special moments out of ordinary moments. It is about finding that moment to celebrate.” From simply checking off items on the to-do list or taking a quiet moment of me time, visually setting the stage can help make the intention more tangible.

When Stephanie set out to create Estelle Colored Glass, it was more than filling a void in the sea of sameness. She found a way to make every day luxury obtainable. Whether a person decides to add one glass at a time or prefers to collect an entire set, the idea is to have something special that brings happiness. Whether the beverage in the glass is the finest champagne or a glass of Simply orange juice, it is about creating happy memories at any point in time.

One of the key elements to Estelle Colored Glass is the color story. While the idea began as an homage to her grandmother, it has become more than that nod to nostalgia.

When asked about why color is important to her vision, Stephanie said, “I believe color is a universal gateway to happiness.” She went onto explain that the color allows the unique image to stand out in a memory.

For the Simply collaboration, Estelle Colored Glass has a lovely yellow coupe glass and clear juice glasses. Both pieces capture the understated luxury that the brand offers. From the delicate stem to the thin rim, the pieces feel a touch feminine yet are far from understated. Like a beautiful woman entering a crowded room, they captivate on first glimpse.

Simply and Estelle Colored Glass Collection
Simply and Estelle Colored Glass Collection / Simply

Even though the vibrant yellow color evokes the brightness of the citrus and warm sunny days, Stephanie believes that the pieces can go with a wide array of place settings. From the simple bone China with a delicate pattern to the spring table with its floral patterns, there are plenty of options to mix and match.

Whether these four glasses have a spot on the shelf all to themselves or sit side by side with family heirlooms, the reality is that seeing them within reach is a reminder to use them. From starting the day sipping orange juice from a coupe to ending the night with a moment of respite and a taste of sweetness in the glass, the truth is every and any occasion is meant to be celebrated.

Many people can recall the movie line about not putting Baby in the corner. Do not let a great glass sit on a shelf only to be covered in dust. Moments that pass can never be recaptured.

More information on the Simply and Estelle Colored Glass partnership can be found online. Simply Beverages offer an array of juices and other beverages as part of the Coca-Cola beverage company.