Sir Kensington's is ready to take its condiments out of this world

Sir Kensington's bring taste to space kit
Sir Kensington's bring taste to space kit / Sir Kensington's

For many people, a sandwich, burger, or almost any food is not complete without a flavorful condiment. Sir Kensington’s has been that mainstay in many people’s homes. Now, the food brand is ready to tackle a world where other condiments have not gone before.  

The world is constantly evolving. 10 years ago, few people would have thought that electric cars would fill the road, short clip videos would become a mainstay, and global flavors would take over the table. With every step forward, there is another place to explore, discover, and enjoy.  

In the food world, flavor is just one chapter in the never ending story. As many people have come to appreciate, different locales impact how that meal satisfies. It is more than just the relaxing ambiance on vacation or the secret ingredient from grandma’s kitchen. Location can impact those tastebuds.  

Although the general public is not jetting around in space vehicles or taking a trip to space, rockets are blasting off almost every week. Even though the Artemis II mission might be delayed, SpaceX launches astronauts to the ISS. While those brave men and women are willing to take the risk, they are missing something when they break the Earth’s barrier, flavorful food.  

Some people might appreciate that when they eat food on an airplane, the taste might be a little more bland. That concept can be amplified in space.  

It might sound silly, but many food scientists are also Space Farmers. The visual might have people laughing, the reality is that growing food in space is a real and necessary idea. 

One of the aspects that these food scientists look to cultivate is bolder, bigger flavors. Astronauts want spice. Yes, those spicy peppers, bold spices, and flavor notes are highly desired when floating in zero gravity. 

Sir Kensington’s wants to help bring more variety to that flavor conversation. It is ready to bring its taste to space.  

As Chris Symmes, Senior Marketing Director, Dressings & Condiments at Unilever North America said, "If our goal is to help all people everywhere 'Obey Tongue' and experience other-worldly flavor then we can't stop at Earth's atmosphere. Sir Kensington's condiments are uniquely positioned to satisfy all flavor cravings, thanks to the finest non-GMO ingredients and premium flavor profiles, and we are excited to see where this proposal lands, with no flavor-craver being left behind." 

Included in this proposal pack are the following condiments: Classic Mayo, Chipotle Mayo, Avocado Oil Mayo and Chili Lime Crema Everything Sauce. Looking at the offerings, they capture what the Space Farmers have suggested, big, bold flavors are key. Whether that kick of spice is nature’s decongestant or just the tingling of the tongue that excites, no one will say that these flavors are bland or boring.  

Whether or not these condiments join the next mission to the ISS remains to be seen. But, everyone can get a taste of the out of this world flavor. Maybe for the next Falcon 9 Heavy launch, people can throw a space food themed party. Even though people’s feet will be firmly planted on the ground, the flavor is other worldly.