Slim Jim and Tajin snaps into the ultimate flavor combination

Slim Jim and Tajin are the perfect food pairing
Slim Jim and Tajin are the perfect food pairing / Slim Jim

It is time to say “oh yeah” to a new food combination. Slim Jim and Tajin are the bold, fun combination that will have people asking to open another package.

Slim Jim has been that convenient, protein packed snack. From an easy to eat food on a road trip to the grab and go snack when the craving hits, there are plenty of occasions to enjoy that smoked snack stick.

Over the years, the brand has evolved. From making the sticks even bigger to pairing with other food brands, that grab and go option almost became a meal.

The latest idea from the company is to bring the spice to the conversation. Slim Jim and Tajin heats up the season. It is time to snap into that delicious flavor combination.

The idea is simple. A little drizzle or dash of Tajin perks up the tastebuds and brings a little color to the cheeks. While the idea might be a little more difficult for that summer road trip, it is perfect for some other snacking moments.

For example, this idea is great with a Michelada. The tomato and Mexican lager beverage has that bright, refreshing flavor. Even though there could be a lime garnish, serving that beverage with Slim Jim and Tajin is a bolder choice than another Bloody Mary during the summer. Sure, the smoked snack stick makes a great stirred for a cocktail but the Michelada pairing is something different.

Additionally, consider pairing the food with a Mangonada. Since that beverage is often served with a Tajin rim, it is an extension of the flavor. Plus, it is like a complete meal with fruit and protein.

While this food pairing might be the flavor of the summer, it shows that a convenient snack food never has to be boring. From adding a little spice to creative serving ideas, there are plenty of ways to snap into a Slim Jim.