Slurpee Day 2024: This year’s celebration is more than a frozen sip

Slurpee Day 2024 celebrates Children's Miracle Network Hospitals
Slurpee Day 2024 celebrates Children's Miracle Network Hospitals / 7-Eleven

While people can debate the best Slurpee flavors or the perfect way to fill that cup, Slurpee Day 2024 is more than just another free food offer. This year’s celebration supports Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

Many people joyously celebrate the annual 7-Eleven free Slurpee day. This year marks the brand’s 97th birthday. While few companies have reached close to the century mark, the iconic brand and its signature drink continue to stay relevant in the food and beverage space. From innovative flavors to pop culture fashion moments, 7-Eleven appreciates that a Slurpee is more than just cold refreshment.

This year, 7-Eleven wants to bring a little sweet happiness to a larger group. Slurpee Day 2024 celebrated Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

As Marissa Jarratt, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing & Sustainability Officer at 7-Eleven, Inc. said, "Slurpee Day is more than just a birthday celebration for 7-Eleven; it's a beloved tradition that brings communities together. This year, we're thrilled to share this day with Children's Miracle Network Hospitals and make a positive impact on kids' health and in our communities through our in-store fundraising efforts."

This year’s special free Slurpee cup features a design created by Children's Miracle Network Hospitals National Champion, Nolan. The concept is meant to showcase the fun, imagination, and creativity that enjoying a favorite beverage with friends offers. From the vibrant colors to the movement in the visual, the cup captures the energic feeling.

While many people will be running to enjoy that free beverage, there are a few other items that deserve a special mention on July 11. The limited edition Twinkies Cherry Slurpee flavor snack is available at 7-Eleven. The classic Twinkie is filled with a sweet cherry cream center. When paired with a Cherry Slurpee, it is delicious.

For people who prefer to put down the straw, the Drumstick Slurpee Blue Raspberry Vanilla Cone is a great choice. The creaminess of the vanilla with the sweetness of the blue raspberry is perfectly refreshing on a hot day.

Ready to celebrate Slurpee Day 2024? More importantly, which Slurpee flavor earns top ranking as the best one?