Smoothie King launches the must have summer party accessory, the Smoothie Keg

Smoothie King launches the Smoothie Keg
Smoothie King launches the Smoothie Keg / Smoothie King

A summer party needs a signature beverage, but it should not be a burden on the party host. Smoothie King has the perfect solution to keep everyone sipping on cold refreshments, the Smoothie Keg.

Frozen beverages often take center stage during the summer. The whirl of the blender almost causes a Pavlov's dog response from party guests. While that cold, refreshing taste is a favorite, it can cause the party host to spend an exorbitant amount of time behind the bar.

Luckily, Smoothie King has created the must have summer party accessory, the Smoothie Keg. Made exclusively for Smoothie King smoothies, the special container is a way to keep that perfectly blended drink cold and makes it portable. Whether enjoyed by the pool, at the park, or wherever people please, it will have everyone noticing.

While many people would love to have the Smoothie Keg for their next gathering, the special item is only available at special locations. Locations include stores in New York, Las Vegas, and Nashville. In addition, the “keg” is free with the purchase of a Smoothie Six-Pack. Yes, smoothies, like other beverages, are available in a six-pack.

Although this promotion is limited to just a handful of cities, the idea of a smoothie becoming the featured beverage at a party is a smart one. First, it is a better for you option than other sugary beverages. Specifically, Smoothie King supports the Clean Blends Initiative, which assures guests that its ingredients adhere to high standards.

Second, the smoothie offers versatility that a party host wants. It is an easy, flavorful cocktail. Whether drunk on its own, diluted slightly with a little sparkling water, or elevated with a creative serving method (like in a hulled out pineapple), everyone can appreciate the cold, refreshing taste on a warm day.

Additionally, that smoothie can be transformed into a potent potable. Instead of a sugary drink mix blended with ice to make a cocktail, the smoothie can be the base for a frozen libation. Whether it is a little rum, tequila, vodka, or other spirit, the possibilities are many. Just like some mixologists suggest using fresh juices in a cocktail for a more flavorful experience, the smoothie can be that choice for a frozen drink.

This summer, Smoothie King is ready to become the center of attention at that summer party. It might be the hosting hack that saves the day.