Sonic’s Blackout Slush Float is the perfect way to celebrate the total solar eclipse

Sonic Blackout Slush Float for the total solar eclipse
Sonic Blackout Slush Float for the total solar eclipse / Sonic

While some people will be traveling far and wide to see the total solar eclipse, Sonic is serving a sweet treat in honor of the celestial event. The limited time offering Blackout Slush Float might have an opaque color, but the sweet, fruity taste will have people feeling out of this world.

When special events happen, many food brands take advantage with special food offerings. As excitement builds for the total solar eclipse, there are plenty of ways to mark the occasion. Even though no one should ever look directly at that intense vision in the sky, this special treat from Sonic will have people gazing into the darkness and enjoying every sip.

According to Mackenzie Gibson, Vice President of Culinary & Menu Innovation at Sonic, “There are over 400 Sonic locations in areas where the total solar eclipse will be visible, and we thought, what better way to create some fun for our fans as they experience this unique event than by introducing a new treat that’s as awe-inspiring as the eclipse itself?”

The Blackout Slush Float features cotton candy and dragon fruit slush flavors. It will be a touch sweet. Topped with vanilla soft serve, the ice cream helps to balance the sweetness. In addition, it adds some richness, too. Lastly, the galaxy-themed sprinkles adds a little whimsy to the enjoyment.

Black Slush Float from Sonic
Sonic offers special Black Slush Float / Sonic

Sonic offers some expert total solar eclipse advice to savor while enjoy the Blackout Slush Float.

Since the total solar eclipse is a rare occurrence, some people might want to take advantage of the unique experience. With help from former NASA astronaut, International Space Station commander, Terry Virts, the Sonic super fan has a few tips and tricks to make the April 8th event even more momentous.

While this scientific moment will not happen again in the U.S. till 2044, many people will want to gaze up at the sky. Virts reminds everyone that they need to use proper eye protection to take a peek at the total blackout. Although it can be tempting to look up, no one wants to have a permanent complication from this once in a lifetime moment.

In addition, the path of totality might be the optimum place to view this solar spectacle, but other areas will be available to experience it, too. And, if a local Sonic is in the area, be sure to visit the restaurant to enjoy the Blackout Slush Float. The team has some solar eclipse glasses that will be offered with the beverage.

The Sonic Blackout Slush Float will be available from March 25 through May 5, while supplies last at participating locations. Check with each restaurant for pricing.