Spring Baking Championship Season 10 episode 10 recap: Final three bakers set

Spring Baking Championship Season 10 episode 10 judges table
Spring Baking Championship Season 10 episode 10 judges table / Food Network

After the previous episode ended in a cliffhanger, Spring Baking Championship Season 10 episode 10 narrowed the field to just three bakers. Who made the finale and which baker came up just short of the Food Network baking title?

Throughout Spring Baking Championship Season 10, each challenge had a celebratory theme. From the Kentucky Derby to colorful prom inspired cakes, each episode pushed the bakers in new ways. Beyond the visually impressive décor, it was the flavors and twists on classic desserts that have made this Food Network season fun.

Since only three bakers can make it to the finale, Spring Baking Championship Season 10 episode 10 started with a head-to-head bake off. Nickey and Alex had just one dessert to impress the judges.

Throughout the season, Alex has shined with his technical and well-executed desserts. In addition, his visually impressive décor was impeccable. But, in the previous challenge, his dessert faltered due to lack of sugar.

Nickey started to find her stride towards the end of the season. Even though her decorations tend to be more simple, her flavors and emotions poured into every batter has resonated with the judges.

To earn a spot in the Spring Baking Championship Season 10 finale, Alex and Nickey had to “borrow” a dessert from the other two finalists, Robert and Steven. The finale theme is the old wedding rhyme, something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

Each baker had to reimagine the borrowed dessert in some way. Nickey had to recreate Robert’s favorite dessert, key lime pie and Alex had to recreate Steven’s favorite dessert, tiramisu. This challenge was harder than it seemed. The bakers could not venture too far away from the classic flavors nor could they stay too close to the original. It required a deft hand.

Alex used some creative decorative chocolate techniques with his dessert. Even if his cream was a little loose, it was a pretty visual. Unfortunately, the judges felt that his cake had a little too much soak. The slightly soggy layer was a little off putting.

Nickey took a deconstructive, plated dessert approach to the key lime pie. The judges appreciated her graham cracker streusel, but parts of the dessert were not totally cohesive. Still, the pavlova was a total transformation of the dessert and captured her passion to earn her place in the finale.

Earning the third spot in the Spring Baking Championship Season 10 finale was Nickey. Her creativity earned her the win.

Quickly moving into the finale on Spring Baking Championship Season 10 episode 10, the bakers had to tackle the final Pre-Heat. Continuing the theme from the wedding rhyme, the bakers, Robert, Steven, and Nickey had to offer a new spin on an old favorite, a judges’ old favorite dessert.

Each baker was tasked with taking one of the judges’ classic family recipes and adding a new element. Since Robert won the last Main Heat challenge in episode 9, he was able to choose first. He picked Nancy Fuller’s granny’s cookies. Steven chose second and picked Kardea Brown’s lemon lime soda bundt cake. Lastly, Nickey was given Duff Goldman’s grandmother’s teacakes.

Looking at this challenge, it was more than just making a great dessert. The bakers had to balance bringing a taste of the judges’ food memory yet making the dessert their own. It was a difficult task to earn an advantage in the Main Heat.

Spring Baking Championship Season 10 finale Pre-Heat challenge
Spring Baking Championship Season 10 finale Pre-Heat challenge / Food Network

Overall, the three desserts were good. No one made a huge mistake nor did anyone totally destroy that food memory. But, some sweet treats were more successful.

After earning her spot in the finale, Nickey slightly stumbled with this challenge. In addition to the more holiday color scheme décor, the cookies were slightly dry. It captured a blend of Duff’s cookies and her Jamaican roots, but it needed a little something more. The glaze was a slight misstep and the texture was a little too dense.

Steven took a big risk by changing Kardea’s cake into madeleines. The idea captured the flavor in a creative way. The citrus curd was bright and luscious. But, the judges felt that the flower stencil on the plate was a big miss.

Robert did a nice job with Nancy’s sandwich cookies. The cookie’s texture was sublime, but the guava jam was a little too loose. In addition, the cookie was difficult to pick up and eat. Still, the flavors were good.

Which baker earned the Main Heat Finale advantage in the Spring Baking Championship Season 10 episode 10? No one knows. The episode ended on another cliffhanger.

Who will earn the Spring Baking Championship Season 10 winner title? Be sure to watch the finale on Monday, May 6 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Food Network. Episodes can be streamed the next day on MAX.