Spring Baking Championship Season 10 episode 2: Blooms, domes, and ube

Spring Baking Championship Season 10 episode 2 Preheat challenge
Spring Baking Championship Season 10 episode 2 Preheat challenge / Food Network

After surviving their first challenge, Spring Baking Championship Season 10 episode 2 is blooming with colorful delights. From the vibrant ube to flower domes, these desserts have everyone excited for that first taste of springtime.

The first day of Spring is often met with excitement. Even if there might be a few showers that cannot be avoided, the warmer temperatures, blooming gardens, and longer days have people excited to get off the couch.

For the Preheat Challenge, the bakers had to create ube desserts for a Spring Equinox party. The design could either celebrate daylight or nighttime, given that there are equal amounts of both for the special day.

While the ube (yam) is a bold purple, sometimes the color can be a little too dark. Finding a way to not only balance the color but also the earthy flavor is key. It was clear that the judges wanted lovely lilacs and vibrant violets.  

Overall, the Preheat desserts were hit and miss. Some bakers were able to highlight the ube flavor, in a subtle way. Sabrina had an over the top entremets but it was a little too chocolate forward. Steven had great ube flavor, but the presentation could have been tighter. Very few desserts hit all the marks.

Winning the Spring Baking Championship Season 10 episode 2 Preheat Challenge was Robert. His panna cotta excelled with the variations of color. The ube flavor come through and the purple velvet sponge was smart. Overall, this fine dining dessert was one that the judges would eat over and over again.

For winning the Preheat Challenge, Robert received an advantage in the Main Heat Challenge. He was able to pick his flower, which included the flavor, for his floral dome cake.

In the Spring Baking Championship Season 10 episode 2 Main Heat, the bakers had to create floral dome cakes. While this style of cake is trending on social media, it is not an easy dessert to execute in the limited time. From getting the cake structure to settle to decorating the dome with delicate flowers, the bakers might have wished for a different challenge.

Since each baker had to pick a flower and corresponding flavor, that aspect was more difficult than it seemed. While the bakers should be able to represent the visual of the flower, the flavor is not easy. No one wants a cake to taste like a slice of potpourri. Too much floral flavor can be unappetizing.  

Spring Baking Championship Season 10
Spring Baking Championship Season 10 episode 2 / Food Network

Also, the mid-challenge twist required the bakers to incorporate almond into the floral dome cake. Almonds and floral flavors work well together, but it is a flavor that should not be hidden by other ingredients.

The two top bakers were Steven and Anna. Steven impressed with his elderflower cake. Combining that floral note with strawberry and rhubarb was flavor genius. In addition, he had the best use of the almond twist. The almond poutine layer was smart.

Anna had another top cake. After struggling in the Preheat, she rose to the occasion. The delicate pastel rose décor combined with a moist cake made her dessert a top choice.

Earning the win was Steven. His almond twist interpretation earned him the win.

Unfortunately, one of the two bottom bakers was quite clear. The two bottom bakers were Michael and Rochelle. Even before the announcement, it was clear who was going home.

It was a bad day in the Food Network kitchen for Michael. Although his lemon flavor was nice, the jasmine flavor was no where to be found. In addition, the almond notes were missing, too. Add to that scenario a cake with few decorations, the whole dessert had the judges wanting more.

The baker eliminated in Spring Baking Championship Season 10 episode 2 was Michael. It goes to show that this season’s competition is tough. No one can afford to have any mistakes.

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