Spring Baking Championship Season 10 episode 3: Bubbly, beautiful cakes

Spring Baking Championship Season 10 episode 3
Spring Baking Championship Season 10 episode 3 / Food Network

Sometimes an amazing dessert deserves extra applause. In Spring Baking Championship Season 10 episode 3, the bakers took on hand pies and dual flavor sparkling wine cocktail bubble cakes. One baker walked away with an award winning performance.

In this Spring Baking Championship season, the baking competition is still early. But, a few bakers are starting to rise to the top. So far, the successes have outweighed the mistakes by a big margin.

For the Spring Baking championship Season 10 episode 3 Pre-heat, the challenge was inspired by award season. Although the statutes were handed out last week, there is something exciting about opening an envelope to reveal the winner. In this case, the hand pies filled with berry flavors had a few surprises along the way.

Asking the bakers to make a hand pie for the Pre-heat is not an easy task. From a flakey pie dough to a well-balanced filling, this challenge needed a deft hand.

Some bakers pushed the envelope with flavors. Adding a touch of savory to those berry flavors was nice. Like a great movie, having a few nuances can earn a big win.

On the other hand, some bakers struggled with their bake. From undercooked dough to the filling bursting through the seams, the mistakes could not be overlooked.

Winning the Pre-heat was Steven. The judges swooned over the elegant golden berry, raspberry pistachio filling. They found the combination elegant. With another top showing, Steven is proving that he is one to watch in Spring Baking Championship Season 10.

For the Main Heat in Spring Baking Championship Season 10 episode 3, the bakers had a team challenge. Required to make a two tier bubble cake (a cake decorated with bubble décor), the visual was not the only collaboration. The flavor had to represent a sparkling wine cocktail. Each baker created their own cake. When the cakes were put together, the two flavors would blend into the cocktail-inspired concept.

As the Pre-heat winner, Steven was able to choose his partner and assign the other teams. He picked Anna as his partner. It is unclear how or why he paired the other bakers.

Overall, the sparkling wine cocktail bubble cakes were successful. Not only were the cakes tasty on their own, they came together to make a cohesive flavor. In addition, the decoration captured the theme.

Steven and Anna’s cake came together to make a great bellini cake. There was a lot of prosecco flavor, but the nut flavor was a little overpowering.

The big winner in the Spring Baking Championship Season 10 episode 3 Main Heat was Team Mimosa, Rochelle and Alex. First, the cake’s visual was prefect. It looked like a cocktail and the bubble décor was clean and crispy. More importantly, the flavors were delicious when combined together. The champagne layer mimicked the taste of the wine and the orange was bright.

In addition to the team winner, the judges picked an individual winner, Kate. Her black currant purple velvet cake for the Kir Royale cake had a lovely crumb and a great flavor. Although it did not necessarily match her partner’s cake, the cake was the best bite of the day.

Unfortunately, the bottom cake was apparent from the visual. Sandro and Zoe’s cake looked as if they just sandwiched two cakes together. It was very wonky. While the flavor was negroni sbagalito, the two cakes never found that middle ground.

Zoe’s cake was ok, but the bitter orange mousse was a little overpowering. Sandro’s cake had too many issues. The white chocolate got lost when it melted into the cake and the texture was off with the crumb.

The baker sent home in Spring Baking Championship Season 10 episode 3 was Sandro. Even though he had previous top bakes, this particular cake was a fail. It goes to show that previous success does not guarantee a spot in the next round.

Are top bakers starting to pull away from the less successful ones? Be sure to tune into new episodes of Spring Baking Championship Season 10 Monday nights at 8 p.m. on Food Network. Episodes can be streamed the next day on MAX.