Springtime cheese boards celebrate the vibrant flavors of the season

Springtime cheese board
Springtime cheese board / Wisconsin Cheese

From a simple afternoon snack to an abundant plate for a holiday, springtime cheese boards are bright, lively, and flavorful. Combining some herbaceous notes and a hint of sweetness, Wisconsin Cheese has bountiful options for every flavor preference.

The popularity of the cheese board will never wane. Whether the visual is created by a simple number technique or the idea transforms into an elaborate image, people are excited to enjoy that first taste. After that initial nibble, the cheese board will go from overflowing to empty in no time.

Although many people might gravitate towards preferred varieties or tried and true favorites, updating that food offering based on seasonal flavors can be a good choice. Luckily, many popular Wisconsin Cheese brands have options that celebrate springtime flavors.

Five Wisconsin Cheese options for a flavorful springtime cheese board

Carr Valley Fontina de Provence

While many people flavor poultry with the classic Herbes de Provence, this Master-crafted Fontina from Carr Valley stands up to all the herbs rubbed onto the cheese. From woody rosemary to subtle parsley, it feels fresh from the garden. Consider serving this cheese with a seasonal ramp pesto and some crusty bread.

Deer Creek The Robin

While the name might assume that this cheese is a blue variety, the Wisconsin state bird reference does not refer to the color. An award-winning Wisconsin Original Colby is buttery, slightly rich with a slight saltiness. For springtime, the craft Colby would be delightful served with some strawberries or even a little lemon shortbread cookie.

Marieke Gouda Honey Clover

Any and every gouda from Marieke is a delicious offering. For springtime, the Honey Clover has a touch of sweetness yet is grounded in a earthy quality from the clover. To pair this cheese, consider something that has a touch of sweetness yet a little depth. From a glass of Riesling to some rustic bread, there are many options to consider.

Roth Dill Havarti

The creamy texture of Roth Cheese is always a favorite. With this dill version, the brininess is subtle but intoxicating. It is the burst of brightness on the cheese plate. Also, used in a grilled cheese, a savory quiche or even a topping on a salad, the flavor is a treat.

Shullsburger Maple Bacon Cheddar

While the maple syrup might be a favorite drizzled on the breakfast food plate, the combination of maple and bacon in the cheddar hits the right balance of sweet and savory. While bacon lovers might devour all the slices on the board, the reality is this offering can be used in many dishes. It could be the star of a breakfast board when served with pancakes, a sweet potato hash or even on an omelet.

Wisconsin Cheese always has an option for every season. Spring as sprung and it is time to delight in all its flavor bounty.