Flavor the St. Patrick’s Day meal with Guinness Irish Stout

Guinness Stout
Guinness Stout / Spencer Platt/GettyImages

While many people might be wearing a little green on St. Patrick’s Day, the celebration can be more than a colorful nod to the Emerald Isle. With the iconic Guinness Irish Stout, the beer can flavor the whole St. Patrick’s Day meal as well as be the beverage served with all that food. ‘

Over the years, the classic stout has invited beer drinkers to discover the taste of that beer. While the color might be dark, the flavor is far from heavy. Even if it takes practice to pour that perfect pint, the craft makes enjoying this Irish beer quite enjoyable.

Since the beer has a distinct flavor, using it in recipes as well as cocktails has become a favorite for St. Patrick’s Day. From classic food pairings to more innovative ideas, there is an option for everyone to discover.

For example, desserts and Guinness Stout have been a popular choice. A simple ice cream served on its own or with a warm chocolate cake is often a favorite.

This year, Guinness and Tipsy Scoop partnered to offer Guinness Lucky Sundae. The Guinness-infused ice cream with maple pancake crunch is quite enjoyable. Specifically made for the over 21 crowd, this alcoholic ice cream balances the sweetness in the maple pancake with the classic stout taste. Whether served with the beer or enjoyed on its own, anyone who orders a pint will feel extra lucky on St. Patrick’s Day.

For those people who prefer to sip, not scoop, the dessert, the Newly Minted Guinness Cocktail is a great choice. The combination of crème de menthe and Guinness might not have necessarily been a first thought, but the burst of mint and sweetness is a lovely way to end a meal on a bright note.

If a savory dish with Guinness is preferred, using the stout in sauce for chicken wings is quite tasty. In the Guinness Drumsticks recipe, the chicken is glazed with a sweet and tangy sauce. This recipe might become a favorite for any time of year. It might not be the traditional St. Patrick’s Day food, but it has all the Irish eyes smiling around the table.

From sweet to savory to everything in between, the whole table can be set with Guinness. While it might be the beer for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, the draught will become a favorite anytime of the year.