Steep a new beverage appreciation with this Epcot food tour

Epcot tea tour from the Tea Caddy
Epcot tea tour from the Tea Caddy / Cristine Struble

While many people might imbibe their way around the world, cocktails, beer, and wine are not the only tantalizing beverages at Walt Disney World. Whether it is a morning pick-me up or an afternoon break, stopping by Epcot’s Tea Caddy Tour will pour a whole new appreciation for the iconic beverage.

Even though the line for fish and chips is often long and there are rousing conversations around the Crown and Rose pub bar, the English space at Epcot has a few gems that guests can sometimes overlook. Even though some people might prefer to keep the English garden in the back as a secret gem to relax and unwind, the reality is that the Tea Caddy offers a special experience that some people tend to miss.

Throughout the annual Epcot Flower and Garden Festival many guests have seen the Twinings Tea pots filled with florals and herbs. While these little cups might not be as visually present as the Spode display during the holiday season, the cups are a reminder that tea is more than just a beverage poured from a carafe. A well-steeped cup of tea is a blend of tradition and craft. Luckily, Epcot is ready to tell that story.

In addition to the self-guided tour available whenever guests choose, the staff at the Tea Caddy offer 30-minute Guided Tours. While times can vary, they are usually available a couple times a day during the afternoon. Guests can sign up anytime during the day, until the tour is full. Also, the tours are free of charge.

Tea Caddy Tour Epcot
Tea Caddy Tour features various Twinings Teas / Cristine Struble

During the special event, the guide will share insight on classic types of tea. From the floral hibiscus to the classic Lady Grey Black Tea, the blooming garden shows how the bountiful offerings flavor the tea that is sipped from that porcelain cup.

While there are many humorous quips along the way, there is a ton of knowledge packed into this tour. From appreciating the history behind the classic beverage to understanding how floral, spice, and herbs can blend together, it will have both the tea and the non-tea drinker looking at the simple beverage with much more complexity.

Like many Epcot items, the Tea Caddy tour is a hidden gem that many people overlook when racing complete that colorful garden walk food adventure or nab a table in front of American Adventure for the special concert. Similar to the patience that it takes to steep a great pot of tea, it pays to slow down, look around, and find the little moments that could spark a new food and beverage love affair.
Enjoying a tour from the Tea Caddy might not necessarily create a daily afternoon tea ritual, but it might have people appreciating a little spot of tea more often.

More information on the Tea Caddy guided tour can be found within the Epcot shop. Check with the store for availability and timing.

Epcot requires guests to make Walt Disney World reservations. Check with the Disney Parks website calendar for availability and pricing.