Sweet, juicy ways to celebrate the Strawberry Moon

Driscoll's celebrates the Strawberry Moon with free berries
Driscoll's celebrates the Strawberry Moon with free berries / Driscoll's

After the longest day of the year, the nighttime sky will draw everyone’s eyes upward. On June 21, the Strawberry Moon will shine, and it is a reminder to enjoy some juicy strawberries.

For those unfamiliar, the Strawberry Moon has nothing to do with the red-ish hue or the visual that might have people thinking about that juicy fruit. The June full moon is called a Strawberry Moon because it references the ripest moment of the strawberry season in the Northeastern U.S.

Since there is a direct connection between this astronomical moment and the strawberry, Driscoll’s is celebrating the event with a free food offer. The purveyor of “Only the Finest Berries,” will be giving away free berries on June 21, the day of the Strawberry Moon.

In partnership with Instacart, shoppers can receive a free clamshell of the Driscoll’s Strawberries. To redeem this offer, simply add the eligible Driscoll’s product to an Instacart order on June 21. The offer is available while supplies last. Check with the shopping app for additional terms.

Simple ideas to enjoy those free Driscoll’s strawberries for the Strawberry Moon

With those free strawberries in the Instacart order, there are a plethora of recipe ideas for the Strawberry Moon. Of course, a bowl of strawberries with a little sugar dusting is quite tasty. As is a shortcake, parfait, and a variety of other ideas.

But, strawberries work great in savory applications. A little drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette with some arugula, cheese, and pecans makes for a great salad. After all, an extra serving of fruit and vegetables is always a good idea.

If the family prefers to stay in the sweet lane, consider a fruit pizza. From a traditional pizza dough to just using a tortilla, a little Nutella, strawberries, and nuts makes for a great meal.

Truthfully, there are endless ideas to use every single strawberry in that clamshell. And, even if there are a few pieces left behind, do not fret. Smoothies, jams, and even a sauce are a perfect way to ensure that no food is wasted.