Subway SubKrunch is a QSR ingredient game changer

Subway SubKrunch brings bold, flavorful crunch to the menu
Subway SubKrunch brings bold, flavorful crunch to the menu / Subway

While the quick service restaurant world is always looking for the next food innovation, value meal offer, and other buzz worthy announcement, Subway SubKrunch is the ingredient that people have been craving. One bite of this crispy, crunchy topping will leave people totally satisfied.

Although it can be difficult to compare a chef-driven meal with a quick service restaurant offering, there is one concept that should connect both food offerings. After eating that meal, everyone should feel satisfied. It is more than just curbing hunger. That sentiment where you feel good, will remember the food, or otherwise reflect positively on the experience is paramount. No one wants to leave the table and instantly forget what they ate.

Recently, Subway has revitalized its menu. From new wraps to Dippers to even snack items, the idea of “eat fresh” has meant seeing those classic subs and flavors in a new light. “Freshening” the menu involved blending favorite flavors with innovative food ideas. From bringing in new guests to exciting loyal customers, the plan seems to be working.

The latest innovation to hit the menu is Subway SubKrunch. The restaurant company describes the offering as “first of its kind crunch topping.” Additional explanation describes the topping as “crispy bits were developed to add an audible crunch to every bite, coated with a savory seasoning and then fried to perfection.”

Without knowing the particular “savory seasoning,” it seems that it should be a universally appealable flavor. Since the topping is meant to pair with any and all subs and wraps, it should not be overly spicy, pungent, or otherwise flavor divisive.

Truthfully, this crunchy topping is a game changer for the QSR brand. No other company offers this type of food. It sets Subway apart from the competition.

Additionally, crunch, or texture, has been a staple in chef-driven food competitions or just people’s personal preferences. Many people add chips on top of a burger or a sandwich. The added ingredient makes the bite even more enjoyable. From the first bite’s sound to the texture in the munching, many people cannot get enough.

As some people appreciate, crunch or texture can lead to eating satisfaction. Mushy food or soft foods can leave people wanting more. Being able to hear, feel, and taste that ingredient makes for a more enjoyable experience.

The new Subway SubKrunch is available at restaurants now. It is unclear if there is an additional charge for this topping or if it is included with all the other available ingredients. Check with local restaurants for more information.