Summer House and Goldfish OLD BAY Seasoned Crackers are the fresh catch

Goldfish OLD BAY Seasoned Crackers
Goldfish OLD BAY Seasoned Crackers / Goldfish

Watching all of Bravo’s Summer House drama is even more satisfying with great snacks.  It is time to get ready for the summer season with the return of Goldfish OLD BAY Seasoned Crackers and an epic pool accessory.

When Goldfish OLD BAY Seasoned Crackers first hit store shelves, the snacks were an instant hit. From people who put that infamous seasoning on everything to others who saw the humor of putting that particular seasoning on a fish shaped cracker, there were plenty of smiles shared around the bag.

Speaking about the flavor’s return, Mike Fanelli, Senior Director, Snacks Marketing – Goldfish said, “Goldfish OLD BAY Seasoned Crackers are back by popular demand. The go-to, crave-worthy summer snack that people can’t wait to get their hands on is perfect for the beach, pool days, or road trips. This year we’re excited to be kicking-off the season by bringing back the beloved flavor with the people who know how to summer best.” 

That OLD BAY flavor works well with the classic Goldfish cracker. Whether eaten by the handful, mixed with some other snacks, or even used as a garnish in a soup, the uses are many.

Plus, never let any crumb be wasted. These snacks are great turned into a coating for shrimp or fish. Snacks food should never have to be limited to a single use enjoyment.

Goldfish OLD BAY Crackers pool float
Goldfish OLD BAY Crackers pool float / Goldfish

With the return of the limited time flavor, the snack brand embraces the summer vibe with a twist. For this season, the food brand teamed with Bravo’s Summer House to giveaway Goldfish-shaped pool float. Although no one is required to have a mullet in order to command the center of the pool, the eye-catching accessory will get all the attention.

Speaking about this collaboration, Amanda Batula, Bravo’s “Summer House” housemate said, “We spend a lot of time snacking in the summer house, whether it be in bed or by the pool, and everyone knows I love Goldfish. I tried OLD BAY Goldfish and it is seriously so good. The iconic Goldfish cracker paired with the bold taste of OLD BAY seasoning is perfect and I can’t wait to bring this new favorite flavor into the mix!” 

Although the snack might not be prominently placed on the screen during Summer House episodes, it is another example of how Bravo programs can and do influence consumers purchases. Whether it is a Bravolebrity endorsement or a food seen on a show, people are hungry to have that connection.

Getting that Goldfish-shaped pool float could not only inspired a snack-filled extravaganza. Also, it also could be a way to create a Summer House Party that will talked about forever (costumes do not have be required).

Summer is heating up and people are hungry for snacks. Grab some extra bags of OLD BAY Goldfish; enjoy the season and all its flavor.