Shake up summer mocktails with new sugar free Red Bull flavors

New Red Bull Sugar Free Flavors
New Red Bull Sugar Free Flavors / Red Bull

Building on the classic line about “giving you wings,” Red Bull takes flight with new sugar free flavors. While that chilled can might quench a thirst, summer mocktails are the refreshment that keeps everyone energized all day long.

For decades, many people have used Red Bull as a mixer for a simple cocktail. That energizing beverage has helped many people dance the night away or party till the sun comes up in the East.

Although there can be a time and a place for a cocktail, many drinkers prefer to have a less potent potable. Without skimping on any flavor, mocktails have become a popular choice. From the person who skips the alcohol entirely or the person who mixes up their beverage choices, mocktails need to be part of the food and beverage conversation.

This summer, Red Bull expanded its sugar free options. The new flavors are Watermelon (Red Bull Red) and Strawberry Apricot (Red Bull Amber). Given that the flavors capture summer vibes, they lend themselves to making a summer mocktail.

For example, Red Bull suggests a Spicy Apricot Smash. Taking into consideration the swicy flavor trend, the mocktail is relatively simple.

To make a Spicy Apricot Smash, combine serrano peppers, peach nectar, monk fruit syrup, and Red Bull Amber Edition Sugar free to a cocktail shaker and pour over ice. Top the mocktail with any remaining Red Bull Amber Edition Sugar Free. To amplify the spice, consider adding a Tajin rim to the glass.

When pairing this beverage with some food, consider some barbecue, which can feature other stone fruit flavors. The spice in the cocktail would be a nice contrast to the smoky qualities of the barbecue.

Since watermelon is often a popular summer fruit, the Watermelon Fizz mocktail embraces that flavor. But, this beverage is more than just muddled fruit with a splash of soda.

To make a Watermelon Fizz, combine watermelon, cucumber, mint leaves, lime juice, monk fruit, and Red Bull Red Edition Sugar Free to a shaker. Then pour over ice. The glass can be garnished with mint and cucumber.

For those people who like to pair their food and beverages, consider serving the Watermelon Fizz mocktail with a watermelon and feta salad or even a couscous salad. Also, a cucumber and tomato salad would be equally as delicious.

This summer spread those wings and fly with some refreshing, sugar free Red Bull flavors. How far you let those flavors soar is up to you.