Sun Cruiser Iced Tea and Vodka is a smooth, enjoyable refreshment vibe

Sun Cruiser Iced Tea and Vodka
Sun Cruiser Iced Tea and Vodka / Sun Cruiser

Sometimes the simplest beverages are the ones that resonate and have people going back time and again. Iced tea is one of those versatile options. With the new Sun Cruiser Iced Tea and Vodka, the ready to drink cocktail has everyone revving up the excitement for fun in the sun.

The ready to drink cocktail space continues to thrive. While some of the popular brands might have started with the malt-based products, the spirit based RTD category is expanding quickly. From well known brands leveraging their name recognition to newer beverages hoping to gain footing, there seems to be an option to quench each and every thirst.

Stepping into the RTD market, Boston Beer Company launched Sun Cruiser Iced Tea and Vodka. While the name evokes those relaxing warm days in the sunshine, the RTD cocktail offers what a simple drink should be, clean, crisp flavor that satisfies.

As senior brand director, Erica Taylor said "the hard iced tea and ready-to-drink space is on fire – seeing continued double-digit growth this year– so we’re excited to introduce Sun Cruiser to those looking for smooth, easy refreshment that’ll let the good times cruise.”

While there are some hard iced tea brands that people enjoy, this vodka option is a little different. Although the spirit base does not overly skew the ABV, this combination keeps the flavor crisp, more tea forward. Without any carbonation, the beverage has a more rounded mouth feel. Whether drunk straight from the can or served over ice, the flavor is quite enjoyable.

Available in four flavors, Classic Iced Tea, Lemonade + Iced Tea, Raspberry, and Peach, the options are the classic, approachable choices that are smart for the launch. From the person who remembers making sun tea all those years ago to the food trendsetter who wants to embrace tea-forward beverage craze, all spectrums will have a reason to pop open a can.

Although these RTD drinkers are great for the summer party, beach day, or just easy afternoon respite, adding a little extra to their sipping enjoyment makes the flavor shine even more brightly. For example, instead of just a lemon garnish for the Classic Iced Tea, consider freezing some candied lemon peel into ice cubes for a little hint of sweetness as the ice melt. Or for a more elevated option, create a mint lime sugar rim to be extra bougie.

The most surprising flavor is the peach. Even though peach tea might not necessary be everyone’s first choice, the juicy quality comes through. This beverage flavor is great with some smoky pork ribs or even fried chicken. It brings that back porch, late summer vibes to a food and beverage pairing.

The Sun Cruiser Iced Tea and Vodka ready to drink canned cocktail is currently available in 17 markets. A nationwide launch will happen later in 2024. Check with retailers for availability and pricing.