Sun Princess’ Horizons Dining Room uses the ambiance to flavor the experience

Horizons Dining Room on Princess Cruises' Sun Princess
Horizons Dining Room on Princess Cruises' Sun Princess / Princess Cruises

While Princess Cruises might be the original Love Boat, the newest ship to set sail, Sun Princess, has guests swooning over its carefully curated dining experiences. Although lovingly gazing at a dining companion can make a person’s heart flutter, the sweeping views and intricate details in the Horizons Dining Room have guests’ eyes diverted in other directions. While the food and beverages captivate the tastebuds, the ambiance sets the tone before the first bite.

As Sun Princess begins its inaugural season, Princess Cruises looks to take the cruise vacation in a different direction. While guests have come to appreciate the hospitality and creative food offerings lead by Chef Rudi Sodamin, it is the look, feel, and design of the ship that invites the guests to allow the outside distractions to disappear. Even if that phone notification never stops binging, guests will choose to look all around instead of staring at another screen.

On a cruise, the main dining room serves as a gathering place for all. Whether it is a leisurely breakfast to start the day or the elegant multi-course dinner before the night’s entertainment, the white tablecloths and impeccable service invite the guests into a luxurious moment. These moments are far different from the quick grab and go bite hurriedly devoured while onto the next activity.

With the new Horizons Dining Room on Sun Princess, the expansive space was designed to appeal to Princess Cruises’ diverse guests. From the person who prefers traditional, formal dining to a more casual aspect, the three-story dining space offers a taste of everything.

Recently, FoodSided spoke with Sami Kohen, Vice President of Food & Beverage about the Horizons Dining Room. While Kohen believes that this particular offering sets Princess Cruises apart from other cruise dining experiences, it is more than just choosing to be different in the sea of sameness. The intention behind each decision focused on guests’ experiences.

Kohen explained, “Each level offers a distinct ambiance, from the elegant and formal setting on the lower two decks to the more relaxed and casual atmosphere on the upper deck, providing a different dining experience on each floor. The bottom deck (Deck 6) is your traditional main room dining with two fixed seatings, while the second deck (Deck 7) is for anytime dining or walk-ins. The top deck (Deck 8) is called Americana, a casual, diner-inspired venue that has an all -day menu including breakfast, lunch and dinner options. Reservations are not needed.”

That diversity ensures that the food experience never becomes stale. As Kohen mentioned, “This design provides a range of options to accommodate each guest’s dining preferences. And with menus that change daily on Decks 6 and 7, guests can eat something different for every meal if they choose to.”

Additionally, by changing the menus throughout the menu experience, Kohen believes that the Main Dining room caters to every guests’ preferences. Kohen explained, “All dining experiences onboard Sun Princess can create special moments for our guests. In Horizons Dining Room, menus change nightly so guests can enjoy a different dish for every meal if they would like–whether they choose to stick to their favorites or try something new, our culinary team is always prepared to create wonderful and memorable dining experiences.”

Horizons Dining Room on Princess Cruises' Sun Princess
Horizons Dining Room on Princess Cruises' Sun Princess / Princess Cruises

Since food is an integral part of the cruise vacation, the culinary team appreciates that catering to every guest needs to be addressed in a thoughtful, approachable way. The flawless execution and impeccable flavors are a given. It is the hospitality that Princess Cruises uses to set a higher standard.

Kohen said, “We meticulously plan and coordinate our menus and dining experience to ensure that each guest's needs are met and that the experience is seamless and enjoyable. The team is trained to anticipate the needs of guests and to provide personalized service to ensure that every guest is taken care of.”

Those needs are more than carefully placing a napkin at the start of a meal or remembering a drink preference, it is the willingness to make a connection at the table. The food might satiate a hunger, but the warm, welcoming staff makes the meal memorable.

Even though the Horizons Dining Room might serve an abundant number of guests throughout the day, the space is designed to allow guests to savor the moment. Whether it is a bright ray of sunshine shining on the table or the gentle roll of the waves as the ship cuts through the water, the openness and airiness of the design are sophisticated, alluring, and mesmerizing,

Sun Princess Horizons Dining Room
Sun Princess Horizons Dining Room / Princess Cruises

That ambiance turns a meal into an experience, a moment, and a lasting memory. As Kohen commented, “The atmosphere and view of Horizons are a big part of the dining experience, and we are very proud of what we’ve created here. We expect, and hope, that guests do linger a little longer while dining! We want to create a relaxing and enjoyable dining environment where guests can truly savor their meals and take in the stunning views.”

As more guests embark on their first vacations on board Princess Cruises’ Sun Princess, the Horizons Dining Room might become the coveted food experience because it is the total experiential moment people want on vacation. Delectable food, expansive views, and welcoming hospitality are the triumvirate of cruise ship dining.

Sun Princess from Princess Cruises is currently sailing its inaugural season. Itineraries and more information can be found on the Princess Cruises website.