Super slider showdown: Which Manning slider recipe reigns supreme?

Whether it is a big game spread or a Sunday supper, these super slider recipes will earn applause all around the table. But, which King's Hawaiian Manning slider recipe gets top billing?
Quarterback Sliders
Quarterback Sliders / King's Hawaiian

While Peyton Manning and Eli Manning have earned many victories on the field, another battle is brewing at the table. With each brother having a favorite slider recipe, this super slider showdown could be the winning spread for that big game gathering.  

Many people love a slider recipe for a football party. The smaller sized bites deliver big flavor. It is easy for guests to grab one, two, but hopefully they do not empty the entire platter.  

Although the seasoning, toppings, and flavor combinations make a perfectly composed bite, it is often the roll that makes or breaks the eating enjoyment. King's Hawaiian has long been a popular choice for sliders. The tender bread makes for enjoyable eating.  

Also, King's Hawaiian has its classic Hawaiian sweet rolls as well as a variety of other options, including its pretzel rolls. Choosing the right roll for the recipe is just as important as all the other ingredients.  

Ready to serve some winning Manning slider recipes?  

Both Eli Manning and Peyton Manning have their favorite slider recipes featuring King’s Hawaiian. Eli even spoke about this recipe during a conversation with FoodSided. His recipe is a family favorite and a crowd pleaser.  

King's Hawaiian Turkey Ranch Sliders
Eli's Turkey Ranch Sliders / King's Hawaiian

Eli’s Turkey Ranch Sliders are served on King’s Hawaiian Pretzel Slider Buns. The contrast of the ranch and well-seasoned turkey to the bolder pretzel bun is delightful. While this recipe uses a traditional ranch, consider adding a spicy version for those people who prefer a kick of heat.  

Also, while the traditional recipe tops that slider with LTO, they can be omitted. Or, some people might prefer grilled onions to raw ones. It adds another layer of sweetness.  

Peyton’s recipe is Quarterback Sliders. Served on the classic King’s Hawaiian roll, the mini cheeseburger gets a punch of umami from the Worcestershire sauce. Plus, that pickle chip is the briny bite that puts it over the edge.  

Ready to put these Manning slider recipes to the test? Or, why not create a recipe that could win over the big game crowd. King’s Hawaiian rolls are the flavor that can make any recipe a crowd pleaser.