T-Mobile Park’s 2024 Mariners season food menu blends creativity and value

Ultimate Seattle Dog at T-Mobile Park
Ultimate Seattle Dog at T-Mobile Park / Sodexo Live

While all eyes are on the diamond hoping for a big win, T-Mobile Park’s 2024 Mariners season food menu from Sodexo Live has people lining up to enjoy a flavorful feast. From innovative new dual sandwiches to value menu options, the inclusive approach for all guests makes a day at the ballpark even more enjoyable.

Year after year, the Sodexo Live team, along with its food partners, wants to raise the bar with their offerings. From taking into consideration food trends to streamlining the ordering process, the idea is to offer the guest the best possible experience.

Speaking to T-Mobile Park’s 2024 Mariners season food menu, Sodexo Live! District Manager Meagan Murray said, “Coming off an especially busy year at T-Mobile Park in 2023, we took the offseason to reflect on what did particularly well, and what new items we think fans would be excited about to build on that electric momentum and further evolve the best-in-class hospitality experience here. Each year, we aim to grow our offerings in unique and creative ways, while still providing that authentic Mariners gameday experience with reimagined takes on our classics, like the new Ultimate Seattle Dog, and additions to our popular Value Menu. We can’t wait for fans to dig into this new lineup!”

Double MitchWich at T-Mobile Park
Double MitchWich at T-Mobile Park / Sodexo

A few highlights from T-Mobile Park’s 2024 Mariners season food menu

While some people always have to have a hot dog at a game or they feel drinking that beer during the bottom of the fifth inning brings good luck, the reality is that people want multiple food and beverage options to enjoy. From the guest who attends one game a year to the season ticket holder who wants to sample every menu item, the breath and depth is necessary to keep everyone happy.

A successful component of the Mariners food options has been its Value Menu. The cost-conscious options include sweet and savory items like Hempler’s hot dogs, Van Holten’s Big Papa Jumbo Pickle and Sandy’s Amazing Chocolate Chunk Cookie.

Since beverages can be quite costly at sporting events, the Value Beers includes both national and local options. The Molson Coors selection includes premium cans with a price range from $4.50-$6.50.

In addition to value options, the Walk-Off Market has proven successful with its speed of service. While the efficient process allows fans to grab those food and beverage items and get back to their seat, the menu has a new concept for 2024, The Double MitchWich.

This double sandwich combines two unique halves to make an over the top choice. Created in collaboration with Mitch Garver and Mitch Haniger, the over the top sandwich does not require anyone to pick a favorite side.

While that unique offering will definitely be a photo moment, Salt and Straw is enticing guests to enjoy a special dessert that is only available at T-Mobile Park. The special Wild-Forged Berry Slab Pie features locally sourced ingredients to make this ooey-gooey good ice cream flavor.

These food items are just a small selection of the many, many choices. From MOTO Pizza to Tamari Bar and Marination to Holy Smoke BBQ, all the delicious menus will have some people arriving early to eat their way through a day at the ballpark.

More information on the T-Mobile 2024 Mariners Season food menu can be found on the Mariners website or via the MLB app.