T-Pain and White Claw amplify the perfect summer party pairing, exclusive interview

T-Pain and White Claw
T-Pain and White Claw / White Claw

When two icons come together, the pairing hits that perfect pitch. T-Pain appreciates that summer parties should play on all night long. With help from one of his favorite beverages, White Claw has the solution to keep everyone sipping throughout the whole event.

Curating a memorable summer party relies on some necessary items. In addition to a great soundtrack and a bountiful food spread, the cooler needs to be well stocked. No one wants to have a guest dig through ice only to come up with a cold, empty hand.

This summer, GRAMMY award-winning artist, producer, songwriter, entrepreneur and global cultural icon, T-Pain has joined with White Claw to innovate that summer party. Enter the CLAW Cooler.

The idea is simple. The integrated cooler technology detects when more White Claw is needed and sends a text to place that order via DoorDash. While this amazing party accessory is not available in stores, it can be won online. More information can be found at White Claw US.

Ahead of this momentous summer announcement, FoodSided spoke with T-Pain about his collaboration with White Claw. The long-time White Claw fan has showcased his love the CLAW for a long time.

Before heading out on tour, T-Pain received an over the top exclusive White Claw outfit and wardrobe case. All the little details made that design the ultimate look for the brand’s biggest fan.

As T-Paid commented, “the outfit is hard. White Claw definitely hooked me up there. I actually brought the outfit out on tour with me - wardrobe case and all, ha!”

While he might be well-packed for that tour trip, T-Pain appreciates that summer parties do take some extra planning. The party host has to think about all the details. From beverages to food to atmosphere, every detail needs to be considered.

Since party guests often ask what they can bring to an event, T-Pain thinks the party tone sets the vibe and influences what people should bring. While I personally always tell people to bring ice for the cooler, he had a different answer.

T-Pain said, “It really depends on the type of party. You know, you got to know what setting you are walking into to know what to bring. BUT the safest thing to bring is a few cases of White Claw to be honest. You can’t go wrong there. Ice is a good one though, I may have to steal that. No one likes a lukewarm drink.”

T-Pain and CLAW Cooler
T-Pain and CLAW Cooler / White Claw

Since the party host often curates the menu, T-Pain prefers one beverage to be front and center at any of his summer parties. He said, “White Claw is always my first choice no matter what. A few of those and you are set. A peach White Claw on a summer day, yeah that is it right there.”

Although White Claw has a wide array of flavor options, T-Pain has one beverage that he always wants at the party. He said, “My favorite flavor is Peach. Strawberry is a close second. I was on a Pineapple kick for a while but yeah when they switched up the No. 2 variety pack, Peach took over.”

Since everyone has a preference, it is important for that summer party to have the cooler well stocked with all the possibilities. Luckily, the CLAW Cooler not only makes a visual statement at the event, but it also ensures that there is never a lull in the excitement.

As T-Pain said, “now that I have a CLAW Cooler, yeah that is definitely coming too. The fact that the cooler can auto detect when you are about to be out of White Claw is crazy. When you are getting low on supply, boom you get a text, and it helps you order more.”

Even though the entertainer might not focus on food and beverage pairings, he appreciates that his White Claw supply will never run out thanks to the CLAW Cooler. Plus, that favorite alcoholic beverage does not have to be just sipped from the can. Like a great remix, shaking up the beverage in the glass makes that favorite flavor feel fresh.

When asked about White Claw’s versatility, T-Pain said, “I mean White Claw can really go with anything. You can pair it with Vodka, the list goes on. Personally, one of my favorite ways to serve White Claw is with a favorite cocktail recipe of mine, the Red Cup, where White Claw is a main ingredient. But I’ve recently tried White Claw’s Super CLAW cocktail recipe and if you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend it.”

Here’s how to make White Claw Super CLAW Recipe:

Fill a glass with ice.

Measure out 1.5 oz. of White Claw™ Premium Vodka and add it to the glass of ice.

Top glass with measured amount (3 oz.) of White Claw® Hard Seltzer Peach and stir gently with a bar spoon.

Garnish with a cherry (optional)


With a cold White Claw in hand and friends all around, the ambiance can be amplified with the right soundtrack. While T-Pain can create a memorable beat for any occasion, he does have a few suggestions for that summer gathering.

“I mean of course if you throw any of my music on, I’m never going to say no, ha! Personally, I put on a Bossa Nova Classic playlist and we are set. I’ll be queuing it up to the White Claw CLAW Cooler built-in sound system – it's got the waterproof Bluetooth speakers so yeah, it's over.”

In some ways, mindset leans into White Claw's concept of "Grab Life by the Claw." Summer is fleeting and life is too short to just let it just pass.

For T-Pain, he thinks about that "Grab Life by the Claw" idea as follows: "I think it's all about just being yourself, connecting with your crew and having a good time together. I always say at my shows, don’t do it because other people say it is cool, do it because you are cool. Do whatever that weird thing is that you want to do and don’t care what others think. If you are doing what it is that you want to do you’re making new memories with the people around you, living life to its fullest potential and grabbing life by the Claw."

This summer is full of adventure for T-Pain. When asked about what he is looking forward to this summer, he said, "Sleeping in my own bed. No, I'm just kidding. Kind of. I’m currently on my on Mansion Wisconsin Party Headline tour which has been pretty cool. After that I get a bit of a break and will be heading out with Pitbull on  tour so I'm looking forward to that. BUT the thing I'm looking forward to most is probably driving my car. You know, I have my company Nappy Boy Automotive where we go out drifting at different events and meetups. I don’t get to really do that while on tour so when I do, it’s all about reconnecting with my passions and my crew.

Summer might be full of fleeting moments, but the connections and memories made on those sunny days can last a lifetime. Buy yourself some White Claw, turn on all the lights, and never let an opportunity to make a connection pass you by.