Talking Sabor with Aarón Sánchez embarks on a delicious and refreshing food journey

Talking Sabor with Aarón Sánchez on Hulu
Talking Sabor with Aarón Sánchez on Hulu / Pepsi

For many people, a great meal with a perfectly paired beverage satisfies in the best way. On the new Hulu streaming program, "Talking Sabor" Aarón Sánchez invites viewers to discover the power of food one plate and glass at a time.

"Talking Sabor" is a new concept in food television. The eight-episode Pepsi streaming series features Aarón Sánchez as he travels to Los Angeles, Houston, Miami and New York and showcases various Latino restaurants. In addition to highlighting the scrumptious food, Sánchez invites his guests to a bigger discussion on Latino culture, heritage, and flavor and weaves that concept through the food stories.

While food television has seen various brand collaborations, "Talking Sabor" allows the Better with Pepsi concept to crossover into a broader conversation. It is more than just highlighting how that caramel cola note can pair with pizza, chicken wings, or even a cocktail. The connection between food and culture often influences consumers’ choices when they pick a beverage bottle off the shelf.

As Esperanza Teasdale, Vice President & General Manager, Hispanic Business Unit, PepsiCo Beverages North America said, “Mejor con Pepsi (Better with Pepsi) highlights the company’s appreciation for the rich diversity of Latin culture and cuisine, while showcasing its ongoing commitment to the U.S. Hispanic market. Pepsi and Pepsi Zero Sugar are more than just beverages, they’re symbols that represent joy, celebration, and connection that resonate with Hispanic consumers.” 

Bringing authenticity to the conversation is vital to any campaign and food television show. Carefully staged productions and created moments often do not tell the whole story. Viewers want more when they choose to sit, sip, and savor that time in front of the screen. This new food television program highlights the connection that people feel while eating a plate of food and sipping on a beverage.

How will "Talking Sabor" with Aarón Sánchez be a different food television program?

Available to stream on Hulu starting April 24, "Talking Sabor" will showcase 16 restaurants across four cities during the eight-episode series. As Chef Sánchez embarks on this delicious journey, he is joined by special guests along the way.

With Sánchez as the guide, he brings an authenticity to the conversation. As seen in his other television shows, like "El Toque de Aaron," giving these restaurants and their communities an opportunity to express their authentic selves is vital. Not only is it a celebration of Latino heritage and culture, it is an invitation for everyone to pull up a chair and experience that flavor for themselves.

One of the restaurants featured on "Talking Sabor" is Barcenas Mexican Restaurant. The Houston based restaurant is family owned and has been doing business since 1998.

Speaking about the "Talking Sabor" experience, Josie Barcenas, Co-Owner of Barcenas Mexican Restaurant said, “It is truly a pleasure and an honor to have been asked by Pepsi to participate in ‘Talking Sabor.’ Being featured on the show alongside Chef Aarón Sánchez  was an incredible experience for us. We are immensely grateful to PepsiCo Juntos Crecemos for their dedicated support of Hispanic-owned restaurants like Barcenas Mexican Restaurant and for the visibility they bring to our businesses through ‘Talking Sabor.’ We can't wait to share our food and our story with the world!.” 

Homero Barcenas, Co-Owner and Chef of Barcenas Mexican Restaurant, shared that enthusiasm and said, “I’m extremely honored and humbled to have been chosen to participate in this series. I’m grateful to have the support from Pepsi and Chef Aarón and appreciate the recognition they have given to not only us, but all Hispanic/Latino restaurants and food establishments.”

Whether or not Pepsi drinkers take a road trip to one of the highlighted restaurants remains to be seen. Still, the conversations started in each episode will not fade after the credits stop rolling. Whether it is ordering a Pepsi with that plate of enchiladas or preferring a Pepsi Zero with a chicken mole, people are going to look differently at the food and beverage pairings when they sit down at the table.

More importantly, they might be willing to ask a few more questions as they eat. The hows, whys, wheres and whats that bring the food to the table are vital. The story behind the food is another layer of flavor that is not written into the recipe but makes any dish more memorable.

"Talking Sabor" with Chef Aarón Sánchez, in collaboration with PepsiCo and MECENAS Media will stream on Hulu. It is the first of its kind series from Pepsi.