Taste of KFC Deals give guests what they crave, fried chicken at a great value

Taste of KFC Deals
Taste of KFC Deals / KFC

From news stories to social media venting, consumers are frustrated over food costs. The dollar menus have been replaced by a drive-thru run equaling more Andrew Jacksons than Abraham Lincolns. With the new Taste of KFC Deals, the iconic fried chicken quick service restaurant has listened to its guests. Fried chicken at a great value is back in the bucket.

Over the past several years, quick service restaurants have gone from the convenient, cost effective food option to wallet emptying experience. The rarity of being able to feed a family of four for under $20 has been replaced by a single customer’s meal reaching that similar dollar amount. Instead of an easy dinner, the concept become a line item in the carefully constructed monthly budget.

KFC understands that sometimes people crave their 11 herbs and spices or long for a hot, fresh biscuit. But, satisfying that craving should not have to come with another compromise. With food cost constraints constantly on people’s minds, the company’s leadership chose to make a change.

The new Taste of KFC Deals make it easier for guests to say yet to that fried chicken order. As Nick Chavez, CMO, KFC U.S. said during a special media event in Louisville, “customers are hurting with food inflation over the last couple of years. We think that our $4.99 Tast of KFC Deals meal is exactly what our customers want. Everyone matters to use because it is really about serving joy in the form of our fried chicken to our existing guests.”

The new Taste of KFC Deals have an option that fits for most guests. From the $4.99 Meal for One, which includes a drum, thigh, mashed potatoes, gravy and a biscuit, to the $20 Family Meal, everyone can find a value option to fit their table.

Looking at the various deal options, they address both consumers’ costs concerns as well as food trends. Today’s consumer does not eat based on a clock. The changing work landscape has altered how people eat. From the mid-afternoon meal to grabbing a meal later in the evening, quick service restaurants need to address how and why consumers place that order. When they can address those concepts, the guest is more willing to order, and order again.

Keeping that customer loyalty is key to any QSR’s success. Value offerings, like the limited time $10 Tuesdays, a temporary offer of an eight-piece fried chicken bucket for $10, might take tacos off the table once a week, but the value and flavor need to bring that customer back on a Sunday, Thursday, or any other day.

One way that KFC helps to keep that repeat customer is through its Rewards program. With easy to achieve redemption quotas, people feel that every purchase matters. Combining that concept with specialty deals that keep money in the wallet, people are willing to keep the stove off and let KFC do the cooking.

Given that the Taste of KFC Deals will be available through the end of 2024, consumers might change their weekly food routine. From Saucy Saturdays to Fried Fridays, there is always a reason to place an order for that finger licking good KFC fried chicken.