The Great American Recipe Season 3 episode 2: Go to ingredient, exclusive clip

The Great American Recipe Season 3
The Great American Recipe Season 3 / PBS

After being introduced to the home cooks last week, The Great American Recipe judges ask them to highlight their go to ingredient. As seen in exclusive clip from Season 3 episode 2, the diversity in that favorite food ingredient adds another layer to their food story.

Unlike other food television competitions, The Great American Recipe is more about the people and their stories versus the race to win the title. As the home cooks sharpen their cooking techniques, the viewer becomes captivated with the people and their relationship with food.

Since this show is a competition, each challenge must push the home cooks and give the judges an opportunity to see their cooking skills. A great story might create an appetite, but the final product must satisfy.

In this exclusive clip from The Great American Recipe Season 3 episode 2, the go to ingredient might be a personal favorite.

The go to ingredients are as diverse as the group of home cooks. Last week’s debut episode proved that American cuisine is complex. From West African flavors to Italian favorites, the dishes crisscrossed the globe with their influence.

While the clip is quite short, there are many concepts shown in those quick seconds. First, watching the home cooks help each other with a task does give the warm and fuzzies. This sentiment has been a common thread throughout all the seasons.

Second, the video shows that the home cooks are not perfect. Mistakes happen; pivots are part of cooking. Granted, no one wants to give the judges a subpar dish, but starting over with a limited amount of time may not be a wise decision.

Lastly, the clip shows how the judges are there to support these home cooks on their journey. The professional chefs might have years of experience and knowledge that have led them to great success. Sharing a cooking technique or some insight to make that treasured recipe better is a good thing.

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