The Great American Recipe Season 3 adds two new judges to the panel

The Great American Recipe Season 3
The Great American Recipe Season 3 / PBS

After two highly successful seasons, the PBS culinary show has changed the judging panel for the upcoming season. In addition to returning judge Tiffany Derry and host Alejandra Ramos, The Great American Recipe Season 3 will feature celebrated chef and restaurateur Tim Hollingsworth and The Splendid Table’s host Francis Lam as judges.

While there are many culinary competitions on food television, PBS sought a different approach with The Great American Recipe. The feel-good vibes in the kitchen are clear. As the cooks share personal stories about their heritage, the sentiment behind the plate is just as important as the nuanced flavors presented to the judges. In many ways, this show has inspired others to not only cook but to also chronical their own family story through food.

For Season 3, the PBS food television show is changing some of the elements. Offering some insight on the upcoming programming, VPM Chief Content Officer Steve Humble said, “Season 3 of The Great American Recipe will introduce audiences to several new faces and provide some fun, unexpected twists. With community, tradition and culinary diversity at the heart of the show, the new season remains faithful to these ideas while highlighting new cuisines and experiences.”

As seen in Season 2, The Great American Recipe has done a wonderful job of highlighting the diversity within the country’s food stories. With more people looking to the past to connect to their culinary roots, understanding the hows and why can make everyone more knowledgeable in the kitchen.

Adding the two new judges, Tim Hollingsworth and Francis Lam, adds another element to this culinary competition. Hollingworth offers an appreciation sophisticated cuisine but never loses site of the fun that food offers. While Otium might be on many diners’ wish list, Chain appeals to a broad audience that craves reimagined restaurant favorites.

Francis Lam adds authenticity and appreciation for the cultural significance behind food stories. A master story teller, Lam has the technical knowledge but also should be able to elicit the why behind each chef’s dishes.

The Great American Recipe Season 3 will premiere on Monday, June 17 and will run for eight episodes. The finale will be on August 12, 2024. All episodes will air at 9 p.m. ET on PBS and can be streamed on the PBS app as well as online.