The Great American Recipe Season 3 gets two big updates to PBS show

The Great American Recipe Season 3
The Great American Recipe Season 3 / PBS

The Great American Recipe Season 3 is back to bring delicious food and heartwarming stories to the table. With a few changes, the newest season should be even more flavorful than ever.

For the past two seasons, the PBS culinary competition has delighted PBS viewers. While one cook eventually earns the title, this food television show is more about how food creates community. That concept of food as common connector is vital to making this show stand out.

Speaking to the new season, VPM Chief Content Officer Steve Humble said, “Season 3 of THE GREAT AMERICAN RECIPE will introduce audiences to several new faces and provide some fun, unexpected twists. With community, tradition and culinary diversity at the heart of the show, the new season remains faithful to these ideas while highlighting new cuisines and experiences.”

For The Great American Recipe Season 3, there are two significant changes to the competition. First, the new season was filmed at GREEN DOOR GOURMET. While the previous farm was picturesque, this location is open to Nashville, Tennessee location is 350-acre farm, on-farm market, and agritourism destination. Given that more food television viewers are always looking to bring those television moments into the real world, it will be interesting to see how both the PBS show and the location leverage this connection.

Second, two new judges join the show. Replacing Graham Elliot and Leah Cohen are Tim Hollingsworth and Francis Lam. They join returning judge Tiffany Derry and host Alejandra Ramos.

Check out this clip from The Great American Recipe Season 3.

As the clip said, this show is about building bridges and celebrating the cooks and their culture. The judges do not tear down with their critiques. Rather, it is about guiding these cooks to make their dishes as strong as the stories behind them.

Even though some food television viewers appreciate that cutting commentary and gotcha moments, that spirit is not beneficial for the home cook. Positivity can help foster creativity.

More importantly, this PBS show proves that everyone can learn and experience new food and flavor. Successful chefs can be taught about a new ingredient or technique. When everyone is open to the experience, connections will happen.

The Great American Recipe Season 3 premieres on PBS Monday, June 17 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Episodes can be streamed online or via the app.