Time to flip the food hack by answering can it pineapple?

Tropical Fruit: Pineapple
Tropical Fruit: Pineapple / Problem Solved / USA TODAY NETWORK

Everyone loves a great food hack, find, or otherwise creative approach to revitalize a favorite food. It is time to turn that pineapple upside down with some innovative recipes and submit their answer to "can it pineapple?"

Dole was the pineapple brand originally used in that iconic upside-down cake. The 1925 contest turned a simple idea into a dessert that has stood the test of time. The caramelized fruit with that tender cake makes for a perfect sweet ending to a meal.

While that cake recipe is iconic, it is not the only use for the tropical fruit. From salsas and salads to skewers and smoothies, people have a multitude of dishes at their fingertips. Still, people want variety.

For International Pineapple Day, Dole is asking everyone “can it pineapple?” While the question might be simplistic, it opens a bigger conversation. It is time to think outside of the typical food box and explore some big flavor or curious culinary creativity. The answers in the Dole Can It Pineapple Snack Hackathon are quite delicious.

As Orzse Hodi, SVP & Managing Director for Dole Packaged Foods, Americas said, “For decades, Dole has been making quality pineapple a staple in households across the country and globally, helping consumers find unique ways to incorporate our juicy, canned pineapple into everyday recipes. Innovating delicious, new ways consumers can enjoy pineapple is in our DNA, which is why we are excited to hear our brilliant fans’ unique ideas to enjoy it as a snack.”

For those who believe that their pineapple hack is the must try, life-changing concept, they can enter the contest. Submission to the hackathon should focus on creativity, adherence to the weekly theme, and originality. It is not the time to just rehash a classic idea and call it new. This food idea needs to be real, not just another social media blip.

Pineapple can be sweet, savory, and everything in between. As people submit their “can it pineapple” hack it will spark even more ideas. Food is a conversation. Getting people to talk about the choices makes it more flavorful.