Toast the Baltimore Ravens with a hometown Sagamore Spirt cocktail

Sagamore Spirit LJ4MVP Cocktail, Baltimore Ravens cocktail from Sagamore Spirit
Sagamore Spirit LJ4MVP Cocktail, Baltimore Ravens cocktail from Sagamore Spirit / Sagamore Spirit

As the Baltimore Ravens look to go all the way to the Big Game, it is time to shake up a colorful libation in honor of the AFC top seeded team. Baltimore’s own distillery is toasting the team with a specialty Sagamore Spirit cocktail.  

For those unfamiliar with Sagamore Spirit, the Baltimore based distillery is known for its rye whiskey. Since its inception, the distillery has won more than 200 awards. From its Signature Rye Whiskey to its Maryland Bottled in Bond Straight Rye Whiskey, the limestone filtered water imparts a nuanced flavor to all its offerings.  

Equally enjoyable both sipped neat or in a cocktail, Sagamore Spirit is shaking up a special offering to celebrate the Baltimore Raven’s impressive season. Sagamore Spirit ‘Ravens Home Reserve’ is a specialty bottle featuring the Ravens logo. While the liquor in the bottle is the same as people have come to appreciate, it is the appearance that makes it a must for Ravens fans. The Sagamore Spirit ‘Ravens Home Reserve’ is available in Maryland and at the Sagamore Spirit Distillery.  

One of the reasons why the Ravens have had such an impressive season is thanks to their quarterback Lamar Jackson. In honor of him and his playmaking availability, Sagamore Spirit has created a specialty cocktail for the end of the NFL season. The LJ4MVP Cocktail, in vibrant purple, hopefully will bring good luck to team.  

Here’s how to make the Sagamore Spirit LJ4MVP Cocktail.


 1 and ½ parts Sagamore Spirit Rye Whiskey 

½ Part Lavender Syrup* 

½ Part Black Raspberry Liquor 

½ Part Fresh Lemon Juice * 

Lavender Syrup:Combine ½ cup of water with 1 cup of sugar and lavender stems in a small pot. Cook over low heat until sugar dissolves. Strain lavender stems. Chill before using.