Top Chef Season 22: Oh, Canada has a bounty of culinary creativity

Top Chef Season 21 judges, Kristen Kish, Tom Colicchio, and Gail Simmons
Top Chef Season 21 judges, Kristen Kish, Tom Colicchio, and Gail Simmons / Bravo

While some people might consider Wisconsin to be “up in da’ nort,” Top Chef Season 22 is heading across the border to Canada. Gail Simmons is excited to head to her homeland, but it is more than just maple syrup that will be waiting for the cheftestants. This new destination could be a game changer for the iconic food television show.

Each Top Chef season looks to innovate, elevate, and otherwise engage the viewer. After a highly successful 21st season, the Bravo culinary competition announced that Season 22 would be heading to Canada.

Check out the Top Chef Season 22 announcement.

Although there will probably be plenty of poutine, maple syrup, and maybe some Montreal bagels, the reality is that Canada is more than just those food items. The diverse and nuanced food offerings across the various regions are steeped in culture.

Of course, there will probably be a hockey, curling, or even some ice wine reference. The Canadian locale allows Top Chef to do what they do best, introduce viewers to locations and topics that are not necessarily on their radar. Maybe it is time to continue that indigenous food conversation. Or, discover some of the Green Star Michelin restaurants in the area.

Since Canada is quite large, it will be interesting to see how Top Chef approaches the season. Whether it is based in one particular city, which there is probably a hint in the social media clip, or it chooses to traverse across the country to experience many locales, the options are many. Although it would be amazing to see them highlight Montreal’s Nuit Blanche, production might not wait till the winter months to shoot the season.

Also, Top  Chef has had Canadian chefs on the show previously. In Top Chef World All-Stars, two chefs from Top Chef Canada, like Dale MacKay, impressed in Season 20. Maybe those familiar faces will make an appearance.

To be clear, Top Chef Season 22 is not U.S. chefs versus Canadian chefs. More details on the cheftestants will be revealed at a later date.

When will more details about Top Chef Season 22 be revealed? The production team is just in the scouting phase, but start showcasing your favorite Canadian spots, restaurants, and chefs. The culinary world is listening and there are plenty of delicious options to explore.