Tournament of Champions Season 5 predictions: Could a male chef earn the belt?

Tournament of Champions championship belt
Tournament of Champions championship belt / Food Network

With the qualifying rounds complete and the brackets filled, the Tournament of Champions Season 5 predictions have Food Network fans divided. Over the past four seasons, women chefs have earned the belt. Could the streak be broken in Season 5?  

When Guy Fieri and Food Network created Tournament of Champions, the idea was unlike any other cooking competition. From the uncertainty of the Randomizer to the neutrality of the blind judging, the goal was to celebrate the best chef based on five requirements. Over the past seasons, one aspect remains the same. Unpredictability is always served.  

As the four former champions enter the arena, everyone is ready to take them down. Over the seasons, there have been many upsets, including Tiffani Faison losing in the first round during Season 4. This year, upsets could happen as well.  

Even though the Qualifiers, the eighth seeds, had to win to get in, they could take down a champion. Those warm-up battles have them ready to play the game. While great execution should be a given, it is handling the Randomizer that is the difference between moving on and going home.  

Although there have been upsets and expected outcomes, one scenario has not happened in this Food Network competition. Tournament of Champions has been a women’s club. Even though Jet Tila has come close, no male chef has hoisted the belt. Could Season 5 be the one? It might not be that easy.  

Looking at the bracket, Michael Voltaggio has a good chance of going far. Although that path would mean beating fan favorite Antonia LoFaso, he is set up for success.  

It looks promising for Jet Tila to make it far into the West B bracket. The whole bottom half of that bracket is male chef heavy. Whether or not these chefs could take down Mei Lin remains to be seen.  

In some ways, it might be Jet Tila’s year. He always comes so close. But, Tournament of Champions is always about the unexpected. Some people assume Jet will beat Brian Malarkey, but it is not a guarantee.  

Could it come down to a showdown of the four champions going head-to-head in the end? It is possible, but not necessarily as likely. There are Iron Chefs, Top Chef winners, and Chopped champions and more in this 32-chef bracket. It really comes down to which chef is great in the moment.  

Tournament of Champions Season 5 airs new episodes Sunday nights at 8 p.m. on Food Network. Episodes can be streamed the next day on MAX.