Two new Halo Top flavors hit shelves to start the new year

Halo Top 2024 flavors
Halo Top 2024 flavors / Halo Top

While some people might have pushed dessert off the table, the new Halo Top flavors will have people opening the freezer and grabbing a spoon. Ready to dig into Chocolate Vanilla Twist and Caramel Cheesecake?  

Halo Top has become a mainstay for many people who enjoy dessert but do not want to totally derail their healthy eating habits. Having a food that has lower calories and less sugar gives people options. Choices can often help people stick to those eating modifications.  

Looking at the two new Halo Top flavors, Chocolate Vanilla Twist and Caramel Cheesecake, the pints capture two concepts, classic and indulgent. First, the Chocolate Vanilla Twist was a limited flavor in 2022 and was well received. It is a classic and many people crave that simplicity. It might not necessarily be that soft serve in a cone from childhood, but it captures that taste in a great way. The Chocolate Vanilla Twist is 290 cal/pint.  

The Caramel Cheesecake is a little richer option. The caramel swirls break up the cheesecake flavored light ice cream. It captures that flavor without being weighty. With this frozen treat, it is delightful with a handful of nuts for some added crunch.  

Can the new Halo Top flavors help people stick to that resolution? 

Although the first few days can have everyone feeling strong in that resolution choice, the determination can disappear a few weeks later. Going too hard, too strict, or too extreme can derail even the best intentions. Halo Top wants to support those people looking to keep those changes going forward.  

As Ryan Roznowski, Halo Top Director of Brand Marketing said, “It’s pretty easy to get discouraged by New Year’s resolutions when they are too rigid or limiting. But when there is a way to progress on our wellness journeys without having to cut out the things we love—like ice cream—sticking to New Year’s resolutions is something we can all pull off.” 

Halo Top frozen dessert
Halo Top 2024 flavors / Halo Top

To kick off the new year, the group of Halo Top Athletes will share their resolution journey and showcase how they keep their choices on track. From the well-stocked freezer to personal antidotes, hearing these athletes’ journeys could help others stay on track.  

For more information on the program and to enter can be found at Applications are open till January 20.