Universal Orlando reveals sublime Epic Universe’s Celestial Park dining

As excitement builds for the fourth theme park in the Universal Orlando Resort portfolio, Epic Universe’s Celestial Park dining choices have people hungry to enjoy that first meal. After exploring the five theme lands, guests have a robust food line-up to devour.  

Universal Orlando Resort Epic Universe Celestial Park
Universal Orlando Resort Epic Universe Celestial Park / Universal Orlando Resort

The most ambitious Universal Orlando Resort project has people counting down the days till the theme park’s eventual opening date. As each new tidbit offers a taste of the immersive experience, thrilling rides, and delicious food and beverage options, people will be flocking to the City Beautiful in 2025.  

In the recent Universal Orlando Resort announcement, the organization revealed a wide array of information. The five immersive worlds were shared. They are Celestial Park, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Ministry of Magic, SUPER NINTENDO WORLD, How to Train Your Dragon – Isle of Berk, and Dark Universe. While guests to Universal Studios Hollywood have had a chance to experience a SUPER NINTENDO WORLD, the other lands will be new experiences.  

Anyone who has been to a theme park, appreciates that the food and beverage options are just as important as the extreme roller coasters, family-inclusive rides, and other experiences. The dining experiences continue the storytelling in a tangible way. Even though seeing that imagery is impressive; tasting the ideas that people have imagined makes a lasting impression.  

What are Epic Universe’s Celestial Park dining options?  

As the entry point for Universal Orlando’s Epic Universe, Celestial Park serves as the gateway to the other worlds. Designed to feel and look like a park, the lush landscape, water features, and idyllic atmosphere is supplemented by astronomical and mythical elements.  

While there are plenty of attractions to ride, it is more than just standing in a ride queue to check the box. It invites guests into an experience, to allow themselves to wonder, and to let the outside world fade from view.  

The new Celestial Park dining options play into those themes. The restaurants include Atlantic, The Blue Dragon Pan-Asian Restaurant, The Oak & Star Tavern, and Pizza Moon. Looking at the food choices, Universal Orlando Resort made a conscious choice to cover all types of dining options, higher end sit down restaurant, mid-range, and convenient, quick service options. Since these restaurants are the first ones to be revealed, many people hope that the trend continues into the new immersive Harry Potter and Dark Universe lands as well.  

The Atlantic is described as “full-service ‘surf and turf’ restaurant set inside a Victorian aquarium complete with captivating views of Celestial Park.” While the atmosphere should be quite compelling, it will be interesting to see if the Universal chefs incorporate the era into the food menu. Although Victorian food might not be a typical choice, a nod to England or classic cuisines might be nice.  

The Blue Dragon Pan-Asian Restaurant should be equally as engaging. Although it might not borrow the Burgerushi that is so popular at Cowfish, it should have some creative food choices that will be photogenetic.  

The Oak & Star Tavern sounds like it should have a nod to a traditional pub. Theme parks are adapting to the idea of a bar or other gathering space for adults to take a break during the day. It might become the spot for a celebratory moment or even just happy hour.  

Also, the Oak & Star Tavern will serve barbecue. Hopefully there will be tempting aroma from that wood smoker.  

Overall, the Epic Universe’s Celestial Park dining options seem to have something for everyone. If this announcement is just a first taste of what is to come, Epic Universe’s food should be as highly anticipated as the rides.