Universal Orlando Resort Hotels at Epic Universe balance value, modernity, and experience

Universal Stella Nova Resort and Universal Terra Luna Resort at Epic Universe
Universal Stella Nova Resort and Universal Terra Luna Resort at Epic Universe / Universal Orlando Resorts

From the family traveling from far away to locals who want the convenience of staying on property, the new Universal Orlando Resort Hotels at Epic Universe, Stella Nova Resort and Terra Luna Resort, put value front and center in the travel conversation. Incorporating stylish design with approachable food options, frequent Universal Orlando Resort visitors might see a little similarity to other value hotel properties. Still, these options will have guests feeling transported to epic relaxation and diversion.

As each new Epic Universe detail builds excitement to the 2025 opening, a trip to Universal Orlando resort is more than just the intense thrills and the immersive, thematic lands. Although not necessarily another portal to the land, the onsite resorts offer another layer to the overall guest experience.

Two of the Universal Orlando Resorts Hotels at Epic Universe are Stella Nova Resort and Terra Luna Resort. As the names suggest, the celestial influence will be woven into every aspect. From the shimmering appearance that greets guests as they arrive on property to the overall design, these properties are designed to make an immediate impression.

While the rounded edges and sleek appearance might conjure ideas of a futuristic, almost space like approach, it does not feel like it stepped out of a fictional world. The ambiance is authentic and approachable to the guest who just wants a great outdoor space and a comfortable room.

For some Universal guests, they may see some similarities to both Aventura and the other value properties, Universal Surfside and Endless Summer resorts. The modern design elements appeal to the Aventura guests but the larger pool and outdoor gathering areas appeal to the Endless Summer and Surfside guests. Overall, it seems to blend both elements in an interesting way.

Most importantly to many guests, it is the nightly rate that will encourage many people to book and book often. With a starting price of $149/night, that cost is worth staying, even for the local guest. Whether it is the person who wants a break from the park during the day to the person who just wants to rest easy after day’s excitement, the value is worth staying on property.

Stella Nova Resort and Terra Luna Resort dining options offer approachability

While value and convenience are often top of mine for guests visiting Universal Orlando Resort, the food and beverage offerings keep them lingering at the hotels a little longer. The Stella Nova Resort and Terra Luna Resort dining options have a wide array of choices that fit into the value, approachability, and inclusivity that these properties seem to offer.

For example, the Galaxy Bar and Galaxy Grill at Stella Nova Resort and Moonrise Bar and Moonrise Grill at Terra Luna Resort appear to be the place to see and be seen at the two properties. Located by the pool, the traditional menus are a quick bite and beverage. Burgers, quesadillas and other food offerings ensure that everyone has something that they like.

Also, the walk-up bar area offers a break from the sun and a sip of refreshment. Whether it is the adults who want a moment of quiet from the kids or the group of friends planning that epic night under the stars, this spot will definitely be bustling.

Building on a concept that has worked well for Universal Orlando Resorts, the Cosmos Cafe and Market at Stella Nova Resort and Omega Cafe and Market at Terra Luna Resort are quick service restaurants with a little extra flourish. The made to order food allows a little customization yet does not require a lengthy dining commitment. From the quick bite in the morning to an easy end of the day meal, these dining options are a great choice when guests need a break from the parks.

Lastly, the Nova Bar at Stella Nova Resort and Luna Bar at Terra Luna Resort are the lobby bars that set the tone for the overall experience. While Universal Orlando has yet to reveal the specialty cocktails, the creative culinary nod will keep people engaged with the overall premise. As many people appreciate, a great lobby bar is the heart of a hotel.

Universal Stella Nova Resort is set to open on January 21, 2025. Universal Terra Luna Resort, has a planned opening of February 25, 2025.