Velveeta and George the Jeweler make a bold food fashion statement

Velveeta gold lip cuff from George the Jeweler
Velveeta gold lip cuff from George the Jeweler / Noah Fecks/Velveeta

From a warm bowl waiting for a chip to dip into that cheesy goodness to a luscious forkful of sauce on a macaroni, Velveeta has been that creamy, cheesy food that people cannot resist. While an errant drip might fall on a shirt, it was a badge of honor for some. Now, with the help of George the Jeweler, a fashion forward drip will be the ultimate statement of La Dolce Velveeta.  

Food fashion continues to be a vital part of pop culture. From sparkling jewelry to streetwear to even just that favorite t-shirt, people want to show the world that they are connected to a particular brand, food, or flavor. Since it is difficult to keep that bowl of Velveeta in their pocket, the visual statement is an easy way to make that love of the cheesy, creaminess known.  

In partnership with George the Jeweler, the 14 Karat Gold Velveeta Drip Lip Cuff is a fashion forward accessory that will definitely get people notice. The statement piece captures two trends, face jewelry and liquified shapes.  

Speaking to this special collaboration, Stephanie Vance, Brand Manager for Velveeta said, “No one knows the ‘drip’ like VELVEETA – from the physical drip of our supremely creamy cheese to the confident and unapologetic drip that embodies living ‘La Dolce Velveeta.’ As a brand that’s all about making outrageous pleasure a way of life, our new lip cuff empowers people to boldly step out with an unapologetic confidence that encourages you to live life by your own rules.”  

For those who want this statement piece, the 14 Karat Gold VELVEETA Drip Lip Cuff can be purchased at Available while supplies last, it is $77.  

While many people will jump at the chance to own this jewelry food fashion, it is another chapter in La Dolce Velveeta story. In some ways, it is an unapologetic statement for the cheesy brand. Even if people might not necessarily visually appreciate the connection on first glimpse, it is about the person wearing the jewelry. They know and appreciate the sentiment.  

In addition, it does have a little whimsy associated with the offering. Even though people want to be bold or be part of the in-crowd, there is something to be said about being fun and unique. Not everyone can wear this statement piece. It does take some confidence, similar to always having that package of Velveeta in the pantry waiting to be enjoyed.  

How the special lip cup is received remains to be seen, but the latest food fashion offering will have people talking. But, will it make people hungry for a serving of Velveeta?