Voortman Perfectly Sweet Cookies combine indulgence with balance

Voortman Perfectly Sweet Cookies
Voortman Perfectly Sweet Cookies / Cristine Struble

Sometimes the simple treat is the one that makes a day a little brighter. At the same time, no one wants to derail balanced eating with just one bite. With the Voortman Perfectly Sweet Cookies, balance and indulgence are in delectable harmony.

Growing up, a plate of cookies and a glass of milk was often at the table after a long day at school. That simple gesture was more than satisfying a voracious appetite after sitting in the classroom. It was a gesture, a moment to unwind, and a reminder that sometimes a treat is warranted.

While all those sentiments might be true, the adult perspective can be a little different. Indulgences can be met with a weighted calculation or a commitment to move a little more to ensure that the scales of balance are not tipped too far to one side.

As a leader in the zero sugar cookie space, Voortman understands that people want a dessert but are thoughtful with their food choices. No one has to totally suppress that craving. Instead, there are ways to find options that fit into any food category.

With the Voortman Perfectly Sweet Cookies, the brand wanted to add to its robust line. Speaking to this newest offering, Chris Balach, vice president, marketing, Sweet Baked Snacks at The J.M. Smucker Co. said, “We set out to create reduced-sugar cookie recipes that don't compromise on taste, which led us to the perfectly sweet spot: 25% less sugar than the leading cookie/ Voortman Perfectly Sweet cookies truly deliver on the mouthwateringly great taste consumers demand from their cookies. Life is too short for cookies that don't taste like cookies, so we are excited to bring sugar-conscious snackers just the right amount of indulgence for their balanced lifestyles."

Having had the opportunity to try the new Voortman perfectly sweet cookies, the biggest takeaway is that they have the texture of a homemade cookie. From the rich chocolate chips studded in each bite to the oats adding depth of flavor, it feels as if they were made at home.

In addition, the taste feels like a bite of nostalgia. The slightly chewy texture works well on its own or dipped in milk and it feels like that taste from childhood. There is a simplicity about the cookies that satisfies in the best possible way.

Overall, if these cookies were served on a plate without the package, no one would ever realize that they have 25% less sugar. Each bite feels indulgent, delicious, and satisfying.

The Voortman Perfectly Sweet Cookies reduced sugar cookies come in several varieties including soft-baked formula varieties chocolate chip, oatmeal dark chocolate chunk and oatmeal raisin. In addition, other cookie flavors include shortbread, coconut, almond crunch and windmills.

The cookies are available at various retailers including Kroger, Food Lion, and Giant. Check with local stories for pricing and availability.