Walmart rolls back big savings on Easter meals and Easter baskets

2024 Walmart Easter savings
2024 Walmart Easter savings / Walmart

While the Easter bunny might make it seem like filling those baskets and setting the table is child’s play, the reality is that food costs continue to hamper people’s holiday celebrations. For the upcoming holiday, Walmart is putting value front and center for Easter meals and those Easter baskets.

Holidays are meant to be festive occasions. Even though the moment should be full of happiness and smiles, the bounty of goodies can put a strain on many people’s food budgets. Everyone wants an abundant table, but it can be costly.

This year, at Walmart, Easter meals and all the treats to put in those Easter baskets are less costly than previous years. According to said John Laney, executive vice president, Food, Walmart U.S., “Saving customers money is central to Walmart’s mission, and that’s never more in focus than during important holiday celebrations. We’re proud to offer an Easter meal priced even lower than last year, so our customers can celebrate without sacrificing the essentials this holiday season and deliver on our promise of helping them save money and live better.”

For Easter 2024, all the traditional menu items will be cost effective choices for the holiday. Whether it is that ham that is the centerpiece of the table or all the eggs for the hunt and the buffet, all the popular foods are costing less. A meal for 10 people has an average price of less than $8 a person.

Even though the dollar amount adds up, Walmart stays true to its core values of saving consumers money. Although nothing will ever be free, the reality is that people need to feel that their purchases are money well spent. People want to find the balance between keeping traditions going as well as not having to sacrifice in other areas.

While the holiday meal might be the signature point of the day, Easter would not be complete without some Easter baskets and treats. Whether the kids love the chocolate bunnies or prefer some of the Reese’s cup, there are plenty of options on the shelf.

Plus, there are a wide array of inflatables, items for egg hunts, and other festive décor. From a big gathering to just a simple at home celebration, Walmart has everything and anything that people may want.

The Walmart Easter savings will be available through March 31. Check with stores for availability and pricing.