Welch’s Grape’ade satisfies the quenchies with a refreshing flavor, exclusive

New Welch's Grape'ade
New Welch's Grape'ade / Welch's

When a thirst hits, people want a clean, crisp flavor that satisfies those "quenchies." With the new Welch’s Grape’ade, that real fruit flavor comes through in every sip, without any extra sugar in that beverage.

The beverage shelves are full of many options. While sodas use celebrity partnerships to launch new flavors and sports drinks lean into their active lifestyles, the fruit juice category has not been in the spotlight.

While families might lean toward fruit juice at many meals, the beverage can be served anytime. The new Welch’s juice beverage takes any juvenile description off the table and puts hydration front and center.

Welch’s Grape-ade is a refreshing fruit beverage with no sugar added. Made with Niagara green grapes, the flavor has a fruity sweetness while still having a crisp, refreshing taste. It is the light, thirst quenching option that is delicious on its own, after a workout, or with a meal. The beverage’s versatility is unlike other items on the market.

As Chris Kwiat, Vice President of Marketing Communication and Innovation at Welch’s said, “The Welch’s Innovation Team has crafted an entirely new ‘ade experience, leveraging our unparalleled expertise at capturing the crisp, tart taste of Niagara green grapes bottled within hours of picking off the vine, to deliver an intensely refreshing twist on the traditional flavor. Grape’ade embodies our commitment to providing delicious, high-quality products that cater to evolving and diverse consumer preferences, even if it means creating an entirely new type of beverage to meet their needs.”

What are the Welch’s Grape’ade flavors?

To launch the beverage innovation, Welch’s offers three flavors, Strawberry, Mango and Green Grape. These options appeal to a wide demographic yet are different from other beverages on the shelf. From the classic grape to a tropical mango, the versatility is clear.

First and foremost, each one is about the real fruit juice. Given that consumers are more savvy and conscious about the ingredients in their food, it is imperative that fruit juice be front and center. When that flavor hits, it satisfies.

Additionally, the Welch’s Grape’ade has less sugar than other “ade-like” drinks on the market. Again, consumers want a great tasting drink, but they prefer to avoid the unwanted extras, like too much sugar.

While consumer preferences are front and center, Welch’s did create a beverage category. Finding a way to blend juice with hydration while still fitting in with people’s lifestyle choices is smart for the beverage brand. It ensures that Welch’s is the go-to bottle for that morning sip, the post-workout recovery, and the beverage served with a meal. The versatility is key to its success.

Welch's Grape'ade
New Welch's Grape'ade / Welch's

How can Welch’s Grape’ade satisfy the “Quenchies?”

Sometimes a new word captures a feeling that has gone undescribed. Who hasn’t stood at the refrigerator door wanting to drink something but nothing seems just right. It might not be a Goldlocks’ moment, but it has people wondering what can be that “just right” beverage.

As part of the Welch’s Grape’ade launch, the company asks, “Got the Quenchies? Grab a Grape'ade.” It gives consumers a “grab and go antidote” to satisfy that thirst. The quenchies might hit, but Welch’s has an answer.

It will be interesting to watch consumers’ reactions to both the innovative beverage and the campaign. For this product to be successful, it needs to appeal to a wide audience.

Even though this idea might resonate with families, it needs to find a way to fill a gap across the beverage categories. From a sports-drink replacement to an anytime refreshment, becoming the every time drink to satisfy the “quenchies” is the goal.

Welch’s Grape’ade rolls out on June 1. Consumers can find the new beverage in Southeast U.S. Publix stores for the initial launch.  The Welch’s beverage will be available nationwide in 2025.