Wendy’s Cinnabon Pull-Apart is the ultimate sweet comfort food

Wendy's Cinnabon Pull-Apart on its breakfast menu
Wendy's Cinnabon Pull-Apart on its breakfast menu / Wendy's

While every Wendy’s food menu item is driven by the concept of fast food done right, the new Wendy’s Cinnabon Pull-Apart bakes together a taste of nostalgia with the irresistible classic Cinnabon flavors.  

For many people, the warm, spicy cinnamon aroma is comforting, almost feels like a hug, or could remind them of grandma’s house. It might not necessarily be the same temptation as bacon cooking on the stove, but the sweet, satisfying cinnamon flavor can always bring a smile. With the new Wendy’s Cinnabon Pull-Apart, that first nibble will not be the last.  

During a recent media call, John Li, Global Vice President of Culinary Innovation and Eryn Bennett, Manager of Culinary Innovation, they shared their insight on Wendy’s latest breakfast food innovation. From the decision to align with Cinnabon to why this particular menu item fits into the quick service restaurant’s breakfast menu vision, the new Cinnabon Pull-Apart is destined to become an instant favorite.  

Wendy’s seems to have an underlying theme to some of its new breakfast food items. That sense of nostalgia seems to flavor the choices. The French Toast Sticks were the first example. Now, the new Cinnabon Pull-Apart continues that conversation. From flavor to aroma, it is the ultimate comfort food.  

Wendy's Cinnabon Pull-Aparts
New Wendy's Cinnabon Pull-Aparts / Wendy's

The Cinnabon Pull-Apart takes the best parts of the cinnamon roll, the middle and the icing, and makes them the centerpiece of this breakfast food. Topped with a heaping amount of that classic Cinnabon cream cheese icing, each piece has the sweet, spicy cinnamon filling surrounding the dough.  

Although not necessarily discussed by Li and Bennett, the choose-your-own adventure eating experience adds to the nostalgic, comforting quality. Thinking back to those childhood moments in grandma’s kitchen, who didn’t relish the opportunity to add a little extra icing to the cinnamon roll or ask for an extra sprinkling of cinnamon sugar. As each piece is enjoyed, the first bite can have a lot of icing or the last bite can be smothered in sweetness. In a way, Wendy’s satisfies how each guest craves that perfect sweet, cinnamon breakfast bite.  

Both Li and Bennett have different preferences on pairing the new Cinnabon Pull-Apart with other Wendy’s breakfast items. Bennett believes that guests can go all out by enjoying the sweet offering with the Breakfast Baconator or choose a more simple approach with just a side of breakfast potatoes. Li, on the other hand, has enjoyed a few with some of Wendy’s signature coffee beverages.  

Their perspectives are another example of how Wendy’s allows its guests to enjoy a meal as they like it. Whether it is creating the ultimate breakfast pairing, pulling apart this new cinnamon treat to create the perfect bite, or customizing that breakfast sandwich, the quick service restaurant wants to say yes to that request. It is an example how it puts guest experience first.

Since this new breakfast food is a collaboration between two well-known brands, Wendy’s appreciates that Cinnabon aligns with its focus on quality and giving the guest the best experience. Li believes that Wendy’s has succeeded in delighting customers with nostalgic comfort food unlike anything else in a quick service restaurant space.  

While Wendy’s sought to use its breakfast menu as a way to highlight their boundary breakers approach to the first meal of the day, the innovation needs to appeal to the wide range of guests that come to the restaurant. Although the ideals that Dave Thomas created years ago are always forefront in their mind, any menu innovation needs to ensure that the guests are happy when the meal is over. Hitting that craveablity factor is key to having guests come back time and again.  

Although flavor is and always will be a driver, Wendy’s hits the mark when it comes to food value. Time and again, the quick service restaurant proves that fast food done right does not have to empty the wallet. It adds another layer of appeal to the guest experience.  

Wendy’s has had much success with its breakfast menu. While they might have been late to that food conversation, it was done intentionally. Like any new food offering from the quick service restaurant brand, they will not serve it to guests unless it hits all their brand pillars.  This new sweet offering definitely satisfies the brand's goals of fast food done right and guests will be lining up to place an order.

The new Cinnabon Pull-Apart hits Wendy’s menus on January 26. The new offering is a reason to get up early and place an order. It might be wise to order two, one to be saved as an afternoon treat.