Wendy’s Sausage Breakfast Burrito leans into QSR food trends

Wendy's Sausage Breakfast Burrito
Wendy's Sausage Breakfast Burrito / Wendy's

The new Wendy’s Sausage Breakfast Burrito is breakfast on the go paired with fast food done right. By aligning these two aspects, Wendy’s makes another claim to offer the best QSR breakfast in the business.

Whenever Wendy’s launches a new food menu item, the care and thoughtfulness in the concept is just as important as the sandwich build. The culinary team looks how the new food responds to consumers’ wants, overall restaurant trends, and where it fits within the current menu.

Available at select locations, the new Wendy’s Sausage Breakfast Burrito fills a gap in its menu. The easy to eat, highly portable breakfast offering is a heartier version of the popular Bacon Breakfast Burrito launched earlier this year.

Even though Wendy’s bacon is the pinnacle offering in the QSR space, some people prefer sausage. That combination of seasoned potatoes, freshly cracked eggs, and two types of cheese can satisfy even the most voracious appetite.

With the rise in popularity of handhelds, expanding the breakfast burrito line is helpful for Wendy’s. Although it will never take away from that Breakfast Baconator, the reality is that it appeals to a particular demographic.

From the parent who is grabbing breakfast for the team to eat in the car before the game to the summer road trip where eating on the go is a priority, people want convenience but will not sacrifice on flavor. Wendy’s hits both aspects while staying true to its fast food done right beliefs.

Wendy's $3 breakfast meal
Wendy's $3 breakfast meal / Wendy's, Ketchum, Cristine Struble

Wendy’s brings big value to breakfast

As more consumers are highly aware of food costs in the QSR space, Wendy’s is kicking off the summer season with a special breakfast deal. The $3 Breakfast combo is less than what some people spend on their morning coffee.

The $3 Breakfast combo includes Bacon, Egg & Cheese English Muffin or a Sausage, Egg & Cheese English Muffin and a small order of Seasoned Potatoes. Although there is not a drink included, the food value is tremendous. Where else can customers get a big meal like this for $3?

Wendy’s has put value front and center on its menu. In many cases, $5 will get consumers a substantial value meal. In a world where many drive-thru stops run over the $20 range, people are frustrated. When convenience, value, and flavorful food can come together, it results in a returning, loyal customer.

Ready to start the day right? Wendy’s has the value and the flavor. The burgers might be square at Wendy’s, but their menu decisions always fit what consumers’ crave.